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It’s all about Texas!

January 18, 2018

I have some sexy Texas men for you in two bundles. One is a new bundle and one is on sale for a great price!

BLAME IT ON TEXAS new limited release


What is it about Texas men? Is that slow easy way they talk or how they seem to know exactly how to seduce a woman?

Find out in this four-book bundle that includes some of Mel’s Texas contemporary books. Only available for a limited time!

Includes the following books:

A Calculated Seduction

Dulcy Menendez doesn’t really like her new boss, but it doesn’t keep her from fantasizing about Ethan MacMillan.

Going for Eight

Gerry Dillon has returned home to set his life back in order and the one woman who can help him with that is Charlie Freemont.

The Hired Hand

Marlow Smith wanted one night of seduction, but Liam Campbell knows that one night will never be enough.

Hands On Training

Joey Vernon has never liked her boss Heath Campbell, but it doesn’t stop her from wanting him in her bed. When his best friend Grant Benson is added into the mix, Joey finds the temptation too delicious to ignore.


Trouble in Texas – ON SALE FOR .99 until 1/30


Get two romantic suspense books set in Texas for one low price!

Her Mother’s Killer

A woman who can’t escape her past.

Althea Johnson would like to leave the past behind. The memories of her mother’s murder lurk in her dreams and someone wants her to remember. Deciding to return to the small Texas town where it took place to deal with the demons from that night.

A man who will do anything to protect her.

Duncan Perry can’t believe his best friend’s little sister has grown into such a wonderful bundle of curves. He is at first stunned by his reaction to her, but never one to be slow, he starts putting the moves on her. It isn’t until he is completely seduced by her that he realizes that she is putting herself in danger to solve the old crime.

A killer who will do anything to possess her.

As both of them fall in love with each other, the stalking and danger escalates. Women close to Althea’s description are being found raped and murdered. The new lovers work overtime to figure out just what went wrong 20 years

earlier, not realizing the mysteries they will reveal could jeopardize everything they are fighting for.

Grace Under Pressure

Excitement, danger, and falling for the man of her dreams all have Grace under pressure.

Small town college professor Grace Michaels’ normally boring life has become more than a sane woman can handle.  First, her ex-finance shows up in town, then her parents park their RV in front of her house. It makes it kind of difficult to seduce her sexy new neighbor, Sheriff Ren Morello. Of course, having her office and home burglarized isn’t great either, but it does put her up close and personal with Ren.

Ren wants nothing to do with Grace. So what if he can’t seem to stop thinking about her? She is a woman who would demand commitment and after his nasty divorce from his cheating ex-wife, Ren wants nothing to do with marriage. All he wants is hard fast sex. The problem is, the only woman he can picture it with is Grace.

When the threats to Grace turn almost deadly, Ren finds himself in her company more often than not, and keeping his hands off her becomes impossible. But as the danger grows closer, the attraction grows deeper, and Grace must choose between protecting her heart or her life.

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