Happy Birthday TO ME...and a little something for you on sale! - Melissa Schroeder

Happy Birthday TO ME…and a little something for you on sale!

January 4, 2019

On this day last year, I was sitting in a chair having poison pumped into my body. I had lost my mother less than four weeks earlier, and I was still staring down months of treatment. It wasn’t the best of birthdays. Okay, it was the shittiest birthday I have ever had. But, here I am a year  later. I am cancer free, and the words are flowing. I was worried during my treatment that I wouldn’t be able to do HEA’s ever again, but believe it or not, I am even more committed to my writing now!

And to celebrate, I have a couple of books on sale for .99¢. They are part of Kindle Unlimited so if you want them for free, you can grab them. If not, they are .99ç for everyone on US and UK Amazon!




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