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Fletcher Blurb Reveal!!!

June 23, 2018

I know that Cursed Clan fans have been waiting for several years, but Fletcher is releasing in August! I am so glad to finally share his and Rena’s story. Anice will be out in 2019. Also, if you are a little behind, don’t miss out on The Cursed Clan Bundle. The first three stories for the low price of .99 for a limited time.


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A man who can seduce any woman.

Through the centuries, Fletcher has learned a thing or two about seduction. He has no problem with most women, and if they rejected him, he was happy to move on to the next infatuation. That is until he met Serena Fay. She’s become an obsession for him, and when the mission for the next jewel is revealed, he jumps at the chance to pair off with the Fae.

A Fae with revenge in her blood. 

Half-Fae/Half-Human Rena has had her share of loss. Her family was butchered by madman, and her fae family turned their backs on her. She swore revenge on the man who stole her happiness. Now, she has a new family, which means she’s involved with the McLennans and their quest to break the curse. That includes Fletcher, the one man who has tempted her like no other.

A passion that could destroy them all.

One kiss leads to more than either of them expected. As they delve into their roles, their feelings move past lust to something more, but the madman from Rena’s past is in control of the next jewel.  Both of them will need to choose between love for each other, or honor their commitment to their families.

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