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Announcing lower prices

March 31, 2020

The last two weekends, I had a ton of freebies and the outpouring from readers was amazing. Thank you for your emails and comments. It is a scary time, many people losing their jobs, or dealing with other issues that are straining the pocketbook. The last few weeks, I sat down with my husband (the official CFO of Harmless Publishing), and we worked out a system to lower prices while still being able to pay our bills.

So, I wanted to give you a run down of how I priced the books. I went by word count instead of page count. The truth is, depending on what graphics are used, the page count can vary greatly, so I wanted to make sure I went by the true length of the book. It is the fairest way to price the books.

  • 0.99 = under 25,000
  • 2.99 = 25,001-70,000
  • 3.99 = 70,000+

Bundles will be priced differently based on the books in that bundle. Some books stayed the same price but a big chunk of my backlist is lower. It also puts the majority of my backlist under 3 bucks.

Check out my entire backlist HERE.

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