Aloha Friday: Constant Craving - Melissa Schroeder

Aloha Friday: Constant Craving

May 12, 2017

A tech savvy criminal sets up someone in TFH and Charity has to clear her name. Thankfully hunky FBI TJ is there to help out!



TJ accompanied her on the elevator up to her apartment. She had told him he didn’t need to, but his mother had raised him right. Plus, he wanted a few more minutes in her company. It was probably a bad idea to get this infatuated with her. Even if he wasn’t on the job, he didn’t often fall this fast for a woman. A smart man would walk away and just be friendly. For the first time in his career, he was having a problem doing just that.

“I had a really good time tonight,” she said, as she stepped off the elevator and into the hallway.

“I did too.”

And then he said nothing else. He couldn’t. His mind had gone blank, as it had a few times during the date. For some reason, his palms were sweating and his heart was thumping hard against his chest. Hell, there was a good chance he might pass out if he wasn’t careful about it.  He was more nervous than he had been the first time he had approached a girl to ask her out.

“I would like to do it again, if you’re open to it.”

He should say no. First, he rarely had women pursue him. It was probably old fashioned, but he liked to be the one who initiated interaction. Secondly, during the date, he had realized he wanted more than just the investigation. If she turned up clean, he wanted a real date. But, as he had proven throughout the day, he didn’t always think straight when it came to Charity.

“I’d like that too.”

She stopped at her door and smiled up at him. “Thanks again for tonight.”

She leaned in close, and he could catch her scent then. Lavender. With the smoothest of moves, she brushed her mouth against his and was pulling away before he was ready. Just a simple taste, one that called to something in him. Something primal. Instinct took over. He slipped his hands around her waist and drew her closer, deepening the kiss.

He slanted his mouth over hers again and again. The small moan she released sunk into his blood and caused the ancient beat of lust to grow louder. The world faded away. He wanted her. Right there. Right then. Without thinking, he pressed himself closer. His cock strained against the zipper of his cargo pants.

Charity wrapped her leg around his and slid it against his. Now. It had to be now. Then, he heard a door shut down the hall. Reality crashed down onto the pleasant lust-fueled moment, and he forced himself to step back.

She frowned, and without opening her eyes, she moved closer to him, but he stopped her.


Her eyes fluttered open, then he saw the heat in her cheeks.

“Well…that definitely escalated quickly.”

He smiled. “Yeah, it did.” He couldn’t resist her swollen lips, so TJ swooped down for one more quick kiss. “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

She nodded. “Thanks for dinner.”

“You are more than welcomed. Good night.”

She didn’t move. “You could come in for a drink.”

Yes. Yes. Yes.

But he shook his head. “No. I think we both know it won’t be just a drink, and I am not sure either of us is ready for that step yet.”

“Okay. But…”

“No,” he said with a laugh. “Now, go on, so I know you’re inside.”

She nodded and unlocked the door. “Night, TJ.”

“Night, Charity.”

Once he heard her shut the door, he waited for the lock. He knew she had Drew in there with her, but he still wanted to make sure. Once he heard it, he started back to the elevator. Now that he had gotten to know Charity, he wasn’t sure she was the person they wanted. Yes, part of it was his own personal feelings for her. She was funny, gorgeous, smart, and damn, he loved that laugh of hers.

There was also a streak of pride. Not arrogance, but pride in her work. It was odd all the way around that she would be tied up in something with Foley. A woman like her was a little too smart—common sense wise—to fall for Foley.

With a sigh, he stepped onto the elevator. He needed to find out the questions to the answers and do it soon. He needed to make sure of who she was before they made it into bed. Truth was, he would have broken his rule about first dates with women like Charity. If there hadn’t been an investigation going on, he might have just let her persuade him into bed.

But he had a job, and he couldn’t risk screwing it up.

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