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A taste of The Boss

Sexy Saturday: Apr 29, 2017

I thought I would let you get just a little nibble at The Boss. Remember, it releases Monday so be sure to check it out!



“Are you going to stand there and stare at me all night?”

He smiled. “Maybe.”

Then, she opened her eyes. She had been breathtaking tonight. The dress, the makeup, the fuck-me heels. They all did a number on him. But here in the soft light, with no makeup, it was just her. Just MacKenzie.

Before, she’d tempted him. Now, she stole his heart. “Whatcha got going on in your head, Walker?”

He shrugged. “Just thinking.”

She closed her eyes again. “That always gets you into trouble.”

“Yeah. Usually. Especially when there is just you and me and a bed.”

Her mouth kicked up on one side. “Yeah.”

Her British accent deepened over the word, drawing it out. That did it. He couldn’t resist her anymore. He took four long steps and reached the bed. She sensed him approaching and opened her eyes again.

Before she could respond to him, he leaned down and grabbed her, dragged her up to him, and smashed his mouth down on hers. He let everything he had been feeling for months out in that kiss. His anger, his loneliness, and his love. He might not say it out loud, but he had known the moment she had crashed back into his life that there would be no turning away from her now. The only explanation was that he loved her.

He knew he should stop. It was a mistake to do this, to rush back into this heady experience without some forethought. But at the moment, Vic didn’t give a damn. All he cared about was this woman and this moment. He continued to kiss her, easing her back down on the mattress as he covered her body with his.

Again and again, he thrust his tongue into her mouth. He skimmed his hands down her body to cup her rear end. Pressing against her, he let her know just how aroused he was. She lifted up against him, and he could feel the heat of her sex. He almost came right then and there. He pulled back and kissed a path down her neck to the collar of her shirt.

He lifted up long enough to grab the bottom of the shirt and tug it over her head. With no care, he tossed it behind him. Then, he looked down at her. Damn, she was a sight to see. Soft skin, curves, and that damned belly button ring he always loved to toy with. Add in the little scrape of lace she called panties, and she was a scrumptious delicacy.

“Get a look there, love?” she asked, her voice breathless, deeper, and it shook just a little bit.

He looked up and saw the worry on her face. They had spent time apart before, but never this long. The idea that she would ever doubt her appeal to him almost made him laugh. Right now, he could barely think of anything except burying himself deep inside of her.

“Yeah. And I like what I’m looking at.”




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