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6 Things I love about CRAZY LOVE

February 17, 2022


Today is the day! Carter Hawthorne is finally here and I hope everyone loves his story.

I was really nervous about writing his story because I knew he was a reader favorite. It took me longer due to some personal issues and again, I wanted to make sure Carter was up to snuff for readers.

As I wrote the book, I really fell in love with Piper and Carter. Carter, that was easy. He has been one of my favorite characters since he first appeared in Hate to Love You. It’s just that I have never really had two character who surprised me. And what I mean by that is that the way they fit together as a couple. They are so different, but they give each other exactly what they need.

So, without much further ado…


  1. Juniper Springs. That’s it. If this quirky small-town was real, it might entice me back to the state I am allergic to.
  2. LOLs are all up in everyone’s business as usual, but especially Carter’s. They have also adopted him as an honorary LOL. He has a shirt and everything.
  3. BERT AND ERNIE ARE BACK. That’s right. The ducks I based on two ducks who roamed Moody AFB when we lived on base make an appearance again.
  4. Hawthorne brother texts. Those guys are hilarious and they all so horrible to Carter but in a good way.
  5. The strong women in this book made me proud. We get to see Everly as a mom, Syd be her normal pushy self, and Becca being Becca. Also, there is more time with Avery O’Bryan (Fritz’s sister). And last, but not least, Piper Abernathy is one freaking strong woman. It’s nice to see that she starts realizing that with the help of Carter.
  6. CARTER PHINEAS HAWTHORNE! What can I say. I love the guy. He is completely secure enough to hang out with a bunch of old women and knit, and he doesn’t hesitate to take advice from women. And his way to prove his love to Piper? It made me laugh as well as sigh. He is one of a kind.

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