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10 Things I Love about A Little Harmless Taboo!

September 15, 2020

YAY! I am so excited that readers are finally getting to read A Little Harmless Taboo! And I wanted to talk about 10 things I love about the book!

  1. Julienne. Just that. She’s the good girl who never thought to take a chance and be bad for one night. Of course, when she does, she ends up with Alek so I say she was batting 1000.
  2. Alek is the kind of hero to make anyone sigh. He’s a good guy, with a real naughty side, who finds in Julienne the kind of acceptance he needs. In turn, he gives her everything she needs, support and love.
  3. It’s Hawaii!
  4. Micah, everyone’s favorite Dom, makes an appearance.
  5. Julienne goes to lunch with Dee and May, which is, as usual, a lot of fun.
  6. THE FOOD! Shrimp truck shrimp, huli huli chicken, AND MOCO LOCO! (make sure to come back on Friday for my moco loco recipe).
  7. It’s HAWAII!
  8. The entire Wulf family. From Jakob and Jensen being the worst kind of big brothers, to Syd ordering everyone around, I just loved writing about the family.
  9. DAVID! Julienne’s PA is the best kind of gay best friend a girl could have and the whole person who really gets Julienne to take a chance on a one night stand.
  10. IT’S HAWAII!!!!!!!

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