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Genre: Historical

The Seduction of Widow McEwan

A younger man bent on seduction, an older woman determined to resist, and a love that could not be denied. Jameson McEwan, known to almost everyone as Jamie, is happy with her lot in life. Married young to a powerful older man, she has had little romance and very little experience with men—other than ordering […]

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The Spy Who Loved Her

To keep her safe, he will not only have to risk his life, but also his heart. Lady Anna was once considered the catch of the season. Now, three years after she fell for a man who tried to murder her cousin, she eases her guilt with charity work at an orphanage. Until her mother […]

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Desire By Blood

A man with a secret. Nicodemus Blackburn has seen the best and worst of mankind. Five hundred years of dealing with them teaches the vampire to be very wary of the creatures. Unfortunately, alarming events leave him no choice but to enter the world of the ton to hunt a rogue vampire—one who is making […]

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