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Genre: Futuristic

Hunting Mila

John Hunter can’t refuse a request from his birth father to find his soon to be stepsister. But finding Mila means finding trouble, because it follows her everywhere. All he wants is to get her back to Earth and get his father off his back. Problem is, Mila has other plans. Mila doesn’t need an […]

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The Last Detail

Trust isn’t easy when the ones you want most are out to get you. Ten years after she ran away from Earth, Lou Campbell is one job—just one more collar—away from earning enough credits to go home. All she has to do is lure Sam Dawson within range of her handcuffs with the promise of […]

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Sinner’s Delight

Join Rafe Vicentes for the ride of his life….and the woman who will take him there. Rafe isn’t settling in as a bounty hunter. He likes the job well enough, but for him, the discipline is sadly lacking in the business. The former federal agent isn’t all that excited about working for an agency ran […]

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For Love or Honor

Trusting a man with your life is always easier than trusting him with your heart. Del Littleton is having a bad month. Three jobs have gone south and the last one went sour with a dead body. It doesn’t help that Dylan O’Farrell, the federal agent who has been making her life hell for months […]

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