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Imperfect Love

Join the residents of Juniper Springs as the creator of the Juniper Springs Express goes up against everyone’s favorite O’Bryan sister, Avery! When I came to Juniper Springs, I didn’t think I would stay, but the town’s insanity got it’s hooks in me. I mean, they have GAY DUCKS. And of course, I love the […]

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Features Leo Santini and Maryanne Johnson I’ve always been the brother with a plan. It’s not that I stood out that much. Raised by a Marine father and a kick ass Marine wife, our life has always had a sense of order to it. I like that. Plans don’t fail. You fail to plan. Only, […]

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The Spy Who Loved Her

To keep her safe, he will not only have to risk his life, but also his heart. Lady Anna was once considered the catch of the season. Now, three years after she fell for a man who tried to murder her cousin, she eases her guilt with charity work at an orphanage. Until her mother […]

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