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Imperfect Love

Join the residents of Juniper Springs as the creator of the Juniper Springs Express goes up against everyone’s favorite O’Bryan sister, Avery in the final installment of the Juniper Springs Series. When I came to Juniper Springs, I didn’t think I would stay, but the town’s insanity got it’s hooks in me. I mean, they […]

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Last Love

Welcome back to Juniper Springs, home of gay ducks, Nerdvana, and the LOLS. Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m Liv, the normal O’Bryan sister. I have two kids I’m raising on my own, and I even have what people think is a boring job. Going to Vegas with my insane sisters is out of character […]

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Crazy Love

I’ve always been the brother who everyone calls the flirt. The one who isn’t too serious, the one who is a little…different.  And I don’t mind that title. In fact, I use my ability to think outside of the box to help my family in their business.  I’m also known as the player, although, I […]

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