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Wild Love

I’m not the kind of girl who expects happily ever after. In fact, I prefer my partners don’t get too clingy. Don’t get me wrong. I like a good night of loving, but beyond that, I’m happy to see them leave in the morning, without my phone number. Then I met him.  Quinn is a […]

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When by the book Harry Bradley gets thrown together with his sister’s best friend EJ, opposites don’t just attract, they explode. She’s my sister’s best friend. A woman who calls to me on every level, but she can’t stand me. Our one date ended when she deemed it over and left–before we even ordered food. […]

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A Little Harmless Taboo

When a one night stand doesn’t really stay a one night stand, a woman can only resist the man of her dreams so much. I’ve always been the good girl. You know the type. The one who never got in trouble, unlike both of my brothers. But after a very public break-up, I’m ready to […]

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