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A Little Harmless Obsession

He’s not the kind of man you take home to Mama. Evan Chambers knows he’s rough around the edges. He earned those scars in the worst kind of childhood. Now, he’s a successful businessman, living in paradise. The only ripple in his perfect life is May Aiona. She soothes his worst wounds. Being near her […]

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A Little Harmless Pleasure

She’s a woman at the crossroads of her life. Cynthia Myers knows she’s being dramatic, but her life is kind of a mess. She dumped her fiance and her father disowned her. Still, she has never been so happy in her life. Or, at least she thinks she is. That is, until that ex-fiance gets […]

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A Little Harmless Sex

Get the expanded 20th Anniversary Edition!   He’s always been her knight in armor. Anna DeWinter hasn’t always had the best of luck with men. From early on, she learned hard lessons to never trust them, and it’s why she keeps her relationships purely superficial. The only man she trusts–other than her father–is Max. He’s […]

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