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Rough Ride

When this Dom falls hard, he will do anything to protect the women he loves. Elias St. John has lived a life most people wouldn’t believe. An Aussie by birth, he has found his way to the island of Hawai’i working as the right hand man to Joe Kaheaku. When his boss dies and leaves […]

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Rough Fantasy

What starts out as a simple fantasy among friends becomes an overwhelming need that none of them can deny. Maura Dillon has always been someone who lived life on her own terms. From the time she was in college, she new she was different needs than most of her friends. Still, she never thought she […]

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Rough Fascination

Wanting her isn’t smart, seducing her is inevitable, but falling in love could be downright deadly for both of them.  Security expert Conner Dillon isn’t a man who often takes a vacation. So when he’s ordered to take a month off and his sister insists on a trip to Hawaii, he isn’t happy. That all […]

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Rough Submission

For a tough as nails Dom hunting a sadistic serial killer is nothing compared to losing his heart. Rome Carino isn’t the kind of man anyone would call soft-hearted, but that’s okay. It’s one of the things that make him good at my job as a detective with Honolulu Police Department. He will need all […]

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A Little Harmless Addiction

She’s come to Hawaii to heal. Once a celebrated pastry chef, Jocelyn Dupree is rebuilding her life. A horrific work experience has left her battered but not broken. She arrives in Hawaii ready to rebuild her life and career. Romance…that’s just not that important right now. He’s sworn off love. Kai Aiona has always been […]

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