Hostile Desires - Melissa Schroeder

Hostile Desires

Who doesn’t want a hot, sexy Scot to play with?



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As a cold case heats up, two former adversaries discover there is a thin line between love and hate.


Seven years ago, Dr. Elle Middleton’s world crashed and burned. She has rebuilt her life and found comfort in her work as the medical examiner for TFH. When a new case leads to a cold case, she is beyond excited for the challenge, until she finds out the one man she wants to avoid is her partner on the case.

Graeme McGregor isn’t any happier with the assignment. The doctor gets under his skin in more ways than one. He’s avoided her and his attraction by keeping his distance from her, but working with her has made it impossible to resist taking a little taste.

One kiss leads to another…then to a full blown affair.  But even as they draw closer to each other, secrets from that long ago murder rise to the surface. The killer’s determination to stay free leads to a dangerous confrontation that puts both of their lives in peril and could leave TFH in shambles.


“You always smell like roses, Eleanora.”

His accent had thickened, as he dragged his tongue over her pulse point. Every time he did that, her knees went weak. He tugged on her earlobe, pulling it between his teeth and sliding his tongue over it. The man was deadly with that tongue. The one thought brought to mind all kinds of naughty things. Things she wanted to do, or have done to her.

He pulled back and looked at her. It was the most serious expression she had ever seen on his face. He dropped his hands.

“All you have to say is no. I’ll step away.”

She looked at him then, this big, brawny warrior, and she knew that he would. No question about it. It was her choice. Always.

“I want to stay.”

For a second he said nothing. The moment stretched, and Elle worried that he might be having second thoughts. Suddenly, he groaned. The sound so primal it lit through her blood and sent her head spinning. He took two huge steps to her, grabbed her by the waist, and yanked her against him. He kissed her, but it was different than before. This wasn’t seductive or teasing. Raw need pulsed through her as Graeme plunged his tongue deep within her mouth. She could do nothing but surrender.

With little effort, he lifted her into his arms, then walked to the back of the house to his bedroom. He dropped her on the bed from such a height that she bounced. A laugh of sheer delight rose up from her throat, and he stopped to stare at her.

“Aw, lass, you do know how to make a man melt.”

She stopped laughing as she watched him pull off his shirt, then unbutton and unzip his pants. Bloody hell, he was a bloody Scottish god. Muscles rippled beneath golden brown flesh.

Her gaze moved down his body. He was still wearing a pair of knit boxers, unfortunately. His erection was hard to miss. His cock twitched as she studied him. Graeme chuckled. She looked up at him.

“It has a mind of its own when it comes to you.”

She smiled and scooted to the end of the bed so she sat with her feet on the floor. Without hesitation, she reached forward and pressed her hand against him. He groaned and she smiled.

“Sure, get enjoyment out of my pain.”

Feeling a little bold, she said, “I promise to help with that.”

His eyebrows rose in surprise. What did he think she was, a prude?

“You’re in charge, love.”

For a second, she didn’t understand. Then, when she saw the glint in his eyes, she did. He was letting her take control of the situation. She stood and turned around.

“Could you unzip me?”

Again, he hesitated. Now she realized he was just as nervous as she was, and it made her fall for him even more. In the next second, she felt a slowly released breath against the nape of her neck. He eased the zipper down. She let the dress fall to the floor. He bent his head and touched his lips to her shoulder. As he moved his mouth up to her neck, he trailed his fingers down her spine, then back up to her bra. As he continued to tease her, he unhooked her bra. This time, she hesitated for a second. It was the first time a man would see her naked since the attack.

And just like that, memories of that dark night years before came rushing back to her. She closed her eyes as if that would help but, of course, it didn’t. The terror, the pain, everything rushed through her, dampening the arousal Graeme had inspired.

He paused and pulled back just a few inches.

“You have the control, Elle. Just say stop and I will. No matter what.”

She couldn’t see his face, as he was standing behind her, but she could hear the infinite pledge in those words. He would do what he said, because Graeme always did. Warmth filled her and…trust. Love might be what the poets write about, but for her, trust was much more important. And she knew with Graeme, it was there.

She let the bra drop to the ground. He turned her around slowly, then slipped a finger beneath her chin to force her gaze up.

“Know this, Elle. When I say you are in control, you are. Stop is the only word I need to know that we have gone too far for you. Doona ever hesitate to say it. I want you, more than you’ll ever know, but I don’t want you to give up your peace.”

Tears welled in her eyes. “Graeme.”

“What, love?”

Elle couldn’t bring herself to say it. Truthfully, she didn’t know what to say to him at that point. Instead, she cupped his face and kissed him, trying her best to pour all of her emotions into the kiss. He groaned and wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing against her. The scent of him filled her senses. He always smelled of musk…but not a cologne. It was unique to him, and it always called to her. His warmth surrounded her, as his arms urged her closer.  She could feel his erection against her belly. It sent little sparks of heat dancing through her blood and along her nerve endings.

He ripped his mouth away, then gently laid her down on the bed. In one quick move, he slipped her panties off. For a moment, he stood staring down at her, mumbling something that sounded like Scottish Celt. Then, he joined her on the bed, first kissing her mouth, then working his way down her body. His tongue and hands worked magic over her body, teasing her, tempting her.

A graze of teeth over her nipple. His fingers dancing over her belly button. When he settled in between her legs, he smiled up at her.

“You even smell like roses down here, love.” His voice was thick with emotion and darkened with arousal.


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