A Little Harmless Addiction - Melissa Schroeder

A Little Harmless Addiction

Good morning! It’s Sexy Saturday and it’s time for another Harmless book. Kai and Jocelyn are one of the few couples that are not into the lifestyle. When I started Harmless, it wasn’t set up to be a BDSM series.

And, I still really don’t see it that way. Some of the people in the series, most of them actually, are into the lifestyle, but not all of them are. Like people are in normal life.  For me, Harmless became more about the people who formed a family of friends.

Of course, since he is the co-owner of Rough n Ready, I thought it important to throw an almost 30-year-old virgin at him.

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Falling in love might not be the smart thing, but it might be the one thing they both need.

Jocelyn Dupree has come to Hawaii to heal. After a horrific experience with her last boss, she is on the mend and ready to start again. She is focused on rebuilding her life and her career as a pastry chef. She definitely doesn’t need a man in her life, or so she thinks.

Kai Aiona has always been the guy to mend a broken heart. Unfortunately, the last heart that was broken was his. He has sworn off damaged women, but he can’t resist Jocelyn’s sad eyes, not to mention her determination to succeed.

One little date turns into several and soon, Jocelyn finds herself easily addicted to Kai’s sensual nature. Resisting him becomes impossible, but Jocelyn isn’t ready to trust completely. When Kai discovers she hasn’t been telling him everything, Jocelyn is left with two choices: trust her heart, or let the one man she has ever loved go.

»WARNING: The following book the following: Scenes from Hawaii, nosey friends and family, two people who are right for each other but too stupid to realize it, a tattooed and pierced hero, a sassy Southern heroine, one drunken night, and love scenes that will curl your toes, warm your heart and leave you panting for more. Remember, Harmless stories are not for the weak.


Jocelyn smiled as Mr. Aiona gave her a glass of water.

He returned the smile. “If I had known Chris had such a beautiful sister, I’d have made him bring you over here years ago.”

This she could handle. May’s father was a short, happy man. He flirted with her, but he was harmless. As was May’s grandfather who asked her if she would be interested in a bingo date.

Before she could answer, Chris slung his arm over her shoulders. “What? You thought that someone in my family wouldn’t be gorgeous? With me as her brother?”

“Ah, but you’re ugly,” Mr. Aiona said. “How would I have known such a beauty would be related you?”

Her brother laughed, the happy sound warming her heart. In the last few months, he had rarely laughed around her. It was one of the things that made her feel even guiltier for what had happened. She knew it wasn’t her fault they happened, but it didn’t make it any easier to know that she had caused her family and friends worry.

She took a long drink then said, “I have it on good authority that out of everyone, Shannon and I got all the looks. The boys are just ugly as sin.”

“How many brothers do you have?” Mr. Aiona asked.

“Three. Although Chris is the worst of the bunch. Being the oldest, he always thought he could boss us around.”

Before Mr. Aiona could ask her another question, she heard the door behind her shut. Even without looking, she knew who it was. She glanced over her shoulder, and even though she had tried to prepare herself, she couldn’t stop her body’s reaction to him.

Kai Aiona had been gorgeous a few days ago, but tonight, damn, he was mouth-wateringly delicious. He was wearing a Hawaii University T-shirt that stretched over his massive chest, leaving little to her imagination. He was built, that was for sure, his shorts were short and stopped just above his knees. It gave her an excellent view of a dragon tattoo on his right leg.

“Kai. You are late.” It wasn’t said as an accusation, but said by his father with a smile and a wealth of affection.

“Sorry, Dad. I picked up some more ice because I figured you’d be running low.”

He gave his father a hug and then turned to face her.

Mr. Aiona’s smile took on a conspiratorial slant. “Jocelyn, this is my son, Kai. He’s my oldest.”

“We met the other night,” she said, without taking her gaze from Kai.

“You did?” This came both from Mr. Aiona and her brother.

She laughed, then looked at Mr. Aiona. “Yeah. He stopped by my first night with a basket from May. And I sent him home with sugar cookies.”

Kai smiled and it brought out two dimples. Lord.

“They were delicious, thank you.”

“Cookies? I never had any cookies.” His father sounded suspicious.

She looked at Mr. Aiona, then to Kai. “I sent a dozen home with Kai.”

A blush stained Kai’s cheeks. “I ate them on the way home.”

“All twelve?” she asked.

His father let out a booming laugh and slapped Kai on the back. “You’ll get fat, my son.”

“Not a chance. I’m going to grab a beer. Does anyone want anything?”

No one did and she watched him walk away. Inwardly, she sighed. It had been a long time since a man had caught her attention, but it seemed her libido had just come back to life. Damn, the man was put together fine. As she had noticed the night she met him, he wasn’t tall, but he was built. She studied the way the worn fabric moved over his shoulders and could tell that he was definitely defined. And from what Cynthia said, he had more than just that dragon tattoo.

She noticed that her brother and Mr. Aiona had gotten quiet. Kai’s father wore a knowing smile that had her face heating in embarrassment. God, how horrible. Caught ogling his son. When she turned to Chris, his thunderous expression didn’t settler her nerves. She didn’t need her brother going into protection mode the first night she met all of his friends.

Jocelyn knew she needed to get out of there. Chris was opening his mouth to say something when Cynthia walked up and saved Jocelyn from his wrath. She slipped her arm through Jocelyn’s and tugged.

“May, Dee and I want some girl time with Jocelyn. Go look at the meat and make manly sounds.”

Chris didn’t look all that happy about it, but he wasn’t about to make a scene, especially with Cynthia pulling her away.

Once they were out of earshot, she said, “Girl, thank you. That was embarrassing.”

Cynthia laughed. “Yeah, I could see that. I can’t blame you. Kai is hot. And he is a sweetie.”

Again, Jocelyn felt her face heat. “Yeah, well, nothing like lusting after a man in front of my brother. Not to mention his father. I thought Chris was going to say something.”

Cynthia’s blue eyes sparkled with mischief. “I’m sure he wanted to, but he has to weigh how it will look. If he makes too big of a scene, he’s afraid Kai will intrigue you even more.”

Jocelyn stopped and pulled her arm out of Cynthia’s. “What does he think I am, fifteen?”

“Yeah, I think so. He still sees you that way. And I’m going to warn you, Chris is going to be overprotective.”

She laughed. “Yeah, tell me something I don’t know. He’s always been that way. My first date he sat on the couch pretending to clean our daddy’s gun.”

“No, really?”

Jocelyn sighed. “Yeah. First real date and he wouldn’t hold my hand. Chris can be a pain in the ass.”


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