Aloha Friday: First Fifty Dates - Melissa Schroeder

Aloha Friday: First Fifty Dates

We were in Hawaii when they were filming this movie. They’d put out a call to military folk to come for a filming at Sea Life Park. They needed people in the crowd and I had planned on being there. But, my youngest was a baby and she ended up sick that day 🙁

What I liked most about the film was that they showed places that were not just downtown Waikiki. I am sharing it because at the beginning of A Little Harmless Rumor, Randy, Sean, and Jaime go the Hukilau Cafe which is the setting for some of the movie. Now, in reality, the cafe looks different. But, I wanted to include it for our trio.

Truth is, when I first heard the premise, I thought it would be stupid, but it turned out being cute. Plus, every time I watch it, I am taken back to Hawaii, so that isn’t a bad thing.

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