The Seduction of Widow McEwan is back! - Melissa Schroeder

The Seduction of Widow McEwan is back!

The only historical western I have ever written is back! Make sure you pick up your copy at the new lower price!



This is a reissue that has not been substantially changed.

A younger man bent on seduction, an older woman determined to resist, and a love that could not be denied.

Jameson McEwan, known to almost everyone as Jamie, is happy with her lot in life. Married young to a powerful older man, she has had little romance and very little experience with men—other than ordering them around on her ranch. She’d actually been in love with her first husband not knowing he had seen it as an arranged marriage. After that heartbreak she is reluctant to even think about a marriage based on love again.

Seth Conner has always wanted Jamie. From the moment he met her, his best friend’s older sister has been a bit of an obsession for him. Even at the age of sixteen he knew he wanted her, but she was married to another man. And, sensing her reluctance, he never acted on his desires even after she became a widow. That is, until she says she’s marrying another man. He decides he has waited long enough.

Jamie never expected to find herself in bed, tied up and shivering with desire, especially not with Seth. But through one night and day filled with passion, she finds him as addictive as liquor. She knows it will never last. She is older and has too much responsibility. But, when he refuses to take no for an answer, she begins to think that maybe things could be different.

But someone is hell bent on making sure the two of them never find happiness and will do anything—including murder—to keep them from succeeding.

» Warning: Explicit sex, spanking, seduction by a younger man, a little bit of bondage for fun, and a whole lot of teasing guaranteed to make ya hot under the collar and enough passion to give your spurs a twirl.


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