Cowboy Up - Melissa Schroeder

Cowboy Up

One of the few Sweet Shoppe books there is on the market today:) Cowboy Up was written for my editor at the time, Linda. She is truly the reason I am published today. She believed in me before anyone else did.

This one takes place in Texas. Some decadent fudge, a hot Native American cowboy, and shared erotic dreams makes for a deliciously wonderful tale;)

This is part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

And now for Linda’s dream:





Nic’s hands brushed against the sides of her breasts. Linda could feel the calluses from hard work, the tenderness of his touch. He stood behind her, his bare chest against her back, his breath hot against her ear. She shivered as he skimmed his fingers over her breasts — a light, teasing touch — then circled her nipples. They tightened into hard pebbles. A rush of heat curled into her belly. He’d left his hair unbound. The silky strands brushed against her shoulder.

“Ahh, so you like that, do you?” The amusement in his voice didn’t hide his arousal. “You always had such pretty little breasts, Linda.”

She huffed, trying to sound irritated. “Little?”

He chuckled and pinched each nipple. “I like you that way. But, then, there isn’t much I don’t like about you.”

He stepped away from her, and she started to turn around.
“No. Don’t.” His voice deepened, rolling over the words, making her shiver. Slipping his fingers down her arms, he captured her hands. He tugged her forward and walked both of them to the wall. After lifting them up, he released her hands. “Now, just put them against the wall. Don’t move.”

She did as he ordered. He slipped her hair over her shoulders so the ends of it teased her nipples. First his lips, then his tongue, brushed against her shoulder. He inhaled deeply. “Lavender. You smell like a field of it.”

As he moved back, a wash of cool night air chilled her. The next thing she felt was his lips against her skin at the base of her neck. Then, a little lower. With the softest touch, he kissed a path down her spine, his tongue flicking out over her skin. Heat rushed along her nerve endings; warm liquid filled her sex. She trembled, not with fear but with anticipation.

His hands molded over her buttocks, squeezing, stroking her skin. Linda tried to enjoy his touch and ignore the fact that he was eye level with what she considered her worst body feature. She dropped her head forward and closed her eyes as she felt his mouth against one of her cheeks.

He hummed against her skin. “Darlin’, I have to say you have one world-class ass.”

“Too big.” She meant to say a complete sentence, but at that moment it was impossible. Brain functions had ceased the moment he’d touched her.

Lost in his lips against her skin, his tongue leaving a wet path with the kisses, she didn’t expect the slap. Shocked, she opened her eyes and stared down at him over her shoulder. He had knelt behind her, but he looked anything but the supplicant.

“What was that for?”
He swatted her again and then rubbed his hand over the area.
“I happen to like your ass. And, if I may say so, I am in a position to judge. No complaints from you.” He waited for her nod, then kissed the sensitive skin he’d just smacked.

As he continued to kiss, nip, and lick, one hand slid around to her stomach, the other between her legs to her pussy. She was already dripping with arousal. Hell, just thinking about him would wet her panties, but having his hands … his mouth … against her skin, she was amazed she hadn’t come already.

Her thighs quivered, her muscles ready to give out, but she complied, and he slipped a finger into her, his thumb rubbing against her clit.

“Goddamn, you’re wet.” He continued to move his finger in and out as he nipped at the roundest part of her buttocks. She should’ve been embarrassed. But the feel of his lips against her skin, over sensitized from his slaps, sent another blast of heat racing along her nerve endings, heating her body and making her yearn for more.



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