Fascinating - Melissa Schroeder


Today in the hot seat is A Little Harmless Fascination. It is included in the ALH Six Pack which is now .99! Or you can buy it in print or digital by itself.



“I told you that you had to obey me. Do it now or I walk away.”

She did, and it was his turn to sigh. The woman was wearing a thong. It was blue and showed off her ass perfectly. His cock twitched. Hell, his dick was throbbing, and he wondered if there was any blood in his brain. He bit back on the hunger now clawing at his stomach. This wasn’t so much about him or his desires. He knew what he wanted in the bedroom. This was about Jillian finding out what she needed to be complete.

“Give me a word, one that will tell me that I have gone too far or that you have had enough.”

“Chocolate,” she said, her words coming out with a sigh of pleasure as he glided his hands over her ass.

So smooth, so right. He hoped she was into anal because he could think of nothing more than fucking that tight little hole until she came so many times she couldn’t remember her name.

That would come later. Tonight, she needed to be taught a lesson—one that she would never forget if he did it right. He turned her in his arms and then lifted her onto the counter. Before she could think of closing her legs, he stepped between them.

God, she was perfect. Her breasts weren’t overly large, but they were pert and so firm. He ran the backs of his knuckles over first one nipple then the other. Immediately they tightened. They were so fucking responsive.

He leaned down and took one into his mouth as he pinched the other. She threaded her fingers through his hair, but he pulled back and said, “Hands on the counter, Jillian.”

The narrowed look she gave him almost had him laughing, but he said nothing as she did as he ordered.

“Good girl.”

She opened her mouth to blast him, he was sure, for the girl comment, but he slipped his fingers between her legs and pressed. She shivered.

“You have to learn that was a compliment, and pretty soon, I can assure you, you will crave those words. You continue being good, and I will make sure you’re rewarded.”

She closed her eyes and moaned as he teased her a bit more, then took her nipple into his mouth again. He was fine until he felt the piercing on her clit. He closed his eyes and called on what little control he had, but it was hard to do that. He could imagine just what it looked like. Trying his best to forget the picture he had created in his head, he kissed his way down her body. He reached her belly button and slipped his tongue over her piercing there. Maybe it was because of the woman and her rebellion against her family, he wasn’t sure. It represented a part of her personality that he loved. Either way, he liked it. In fact, he was definitely halfway to loving it. He loved seeing the metal shimmer against her skin.

He tasted her flesh, moving his mouth over her thighs, working his way to her pussy. He tapped the insides of her legs.

“Spread them.”

She did this time with little hesitation. Her breathing was faster, and he watched as her breasts rose with each breath. Damn.

He went to his knees in front of her.

“Scoot up.”

She did as he ordered again, apparently anticipating what he was going to do to her. Leaving the panties on, he set his mouth against her. He knew the added friction of the silky fabric would heighten her need. It would frustrate her. The barely-there panties would rub against her but not give her relief. Over and over, he used his tongue to shift the panties against her.

But soon, driving her crazy was driving him crazy. As he rose to his feet, Conner slipped his fingers beneath the fabric. He slipped the thong off and tossed it on the floor behind him.

He dropped to the floor again. His cock twitched as he saw the small gold ball on her clit. Fuck that was sexy. He placed a hand on each thigh and then set his mouth on her pussy. She was already wet, dripping with her need. The flavor of it exploded over his taste buds. Decadent—sweetness with a hint of spice. Dipping his tongue between her labia, he teased her clit and tugged her piercing between his teeth.

She was squirming against his mouth.

Soon she was moaning, and he could feel her approaching orgasm. He pulled away.


He gently tapped her pussy. “Bad girl.”

She frowned at him.

“First, no speaking unless I ask you a question or you’re using your safe word. And I give you pleasure. I am in control of that just as I am in control of you. If you can’t handle that, we need to stop right now.”

He waited then asked, “Is that okay with you?”

She hesitated, and that worried him. He couldn’t have her any other way. For the first time in years, he knew he couldn’t deal with her any other way in bed. He needed her absolute submission.

Then, she looked him in the eye, her gaze steady as her lips curved slightly. “Yes.”

Something in his chest loosened and filled him with warmth. It was beyond the heat of lust, but he wasn’t ready to figure out what that meant. To either of them. Right now, all he wanted was her.

“Let’s go.”


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