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Coming Tuesday!

First, just an update. I have Only for Him part three done, but did not finish it up before end of business Friday, so it will be up tomorrow.

Coming this Tuesday to all outlets, A Little Harmless Six Pack! I thought we could start Sunday off with a little bit of yumminess.

This is a little peek at Prelude to a Secret, the new short that is included with the other five Harmless stories. Make sure to grab it while it is on sale through the first week of release.



Devon couldn’t remember ever being this nervous with a woman before. Maybe it was because he had been so fucking honest with her before. He did need her. He couldn’t explain why or how it had happened. It was probably because of the circumstances. He really didn’t give a damn.

He led her into his room and shut the door behind him. He wasn’t a prude, but he wanted something secluded, for only the two of them. The light from the bathroom was enough to illuminate her.

He didn’t waste time. With ease, he crowded her against the back of the door and nuzzled her neck. Damn, she smelled like heaven. He scrapped his teeth against her pulse, then slid the flat of his tongue over the same spot. She shuddered against him. Even through their layers of clothes, he could feel her hardened nipples. Everything urged him to rush through it. He’d wanted to get inside her for hours, but now he wanted to savor…to draw out the pleasure.

He pulled back far enough to allow room for his hand. With his palm, he cupped her breast. He couldn’t wait to see her fully naked, but there was something else he wanted right at that moment.

A taste.

He dropped to his knees in front of her and pushed the skirt of her dress up. Lord, she was wearing stockings. Not thigh highs, honest to God stockings with the garters and no panties.



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