Lost in Emotion - Melissa Schroeder

Lost in Emotion

The Telepathic Cravings Anthology is one of my favorite futuristic series, mainly because the first book, Voices Carry, was the first futuristic I ever attempted to write. First published  in 2004-2005, the books tell of a world where people with para abilities are hunted and jailed. Each book has their love story and in Lost in Emotion, you have Genoa and David. David is an empath, one who had suppressed the ability until he ran into a mouthy agent his brother-in-law sent him to retrieve.




Alien Gorgons, Federation enemies? No contest. Telemphatic anti-terrorist agent David Adams can fight anything. Anything, that is, but his feelings for Genoa, the sassy, sexy spy he’s been charged with protecting.


Every sweet curve of her body was plastered against him. From those long legs he’d like wrapped around his waist, to her wet, hot sex, and her firm breasts, her nipples hard with want. His blood raced, his heart beat against his chest. Her fear receded as her desire swept through both of them. He closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath. The scent of her, arousal entwined with pure Genoa, wrapped around his senses. She nuzzled his neck, her breath hot against his skin.

Her passion ran along his nerve endings, pushing him further toward the edge. Genoa was something he couldn’t bite into and swallow in one gulp. She was a woman to savor. David wanted to spend hours getting to know every curve, every inch of her body. She was making it hard for him to remember that as her tongue traced a path up his neck, past his jaw to his mouth.

The moment her tongue touched his lips, he opened them, allowing her invasion. Just like before, her sweet, wild taste burst through him. Her excitement spurred his. She slid her hands up his chest, over his shoulders, and then speared her fingers through his hair. She moaned as he deepened the kiss, tangling his tongue with hers. The sound, so wanton, so free, fed his soul. A fire to own, to possess the curves he knew she hid beneath her clothing, blazed through him. His dick pulsed with need. He wanted to be inside her, sinking into her wet, hot pussy.

He walked her backward until the backs of her knees hit the mattress. She tumbled down and he covered her. Every blessed inch of her pressed against him. His balls drew tight as her sweet scent filled his senses. He had to feel her skin next to his, taste it.

Resting his weight on one hand, he grabbed the edge of her shirt with the other and yanked it over her head. He threw it on the floor behind him while her hands tugged at the zipper of his uniform top. She slid it down, then pushed the top off him. He tossed it aside and pushed her back down. A sigh of pure pleasure escaped her lips as he cupped her breast and grazed his thumb over her puckered nipple. Soft, smooth, ivory breasts with nipples the color of rosebuds. He bent his head and touched the tip of one with his tongue. Taking the turgid peak into his mouth, he pinched the other between his fingers.

A wave of heat smacked him right in the chest and slid down to his cock. He felt a drop of pre-cum wet the head. Jesus. He swallowed. His own emotions were enough to scare the hell out of him, and then hers twisted through him. Nothing had ever felt like this. Fear, excitement, wariness, and arousal filled him. They tangled with his feelings, coursing through his veins, calling the primal beast that lay beneath the surface.

David’s pulse pounded. He knew at that moment, he had to be inside her when she came. Anticipation skidded along his skin at the thought of her feelings rushing through him as he pumped himself into her. He couldn’t get past the taste of her, the scent of her. She moved against him and he almost came then and there. David pulled away, then stood, his hands shaking as he grabbed her pants and yanked them off her.

He was transfixed by the sight before him. He’d never seen a body so perfectly made for him. Lean, but soft in all the right places.

“David.” Her voice was demanding, and a shade of embarrassment colored it.

Glancing up, he bit back a chuckle. Her face was so red, it almost matched her hair.

“Genoa, I have to take my time. You’re a work of art. And deserve attention.” He skimmed his fingers across her nipple, smiling when she shivered. Without stopping the descent of his hand, he continued. “All this ivory skin and that red hair…”

Her stomach muscles contracted and her belly ring jiggled. He hesitated when he reached the dark red hair at the juncture of her thighs. Her anticipation skated along his skin and curled into his stomach. Heat emanated from her, the smell of her arousal growing stronger by the minute. He brushed her curls and drew in a deep breath when he found them wet. Passion dashed with apprehension soon followed, adding to the need coursing through his veins. Knowing he couldn’t wait a second longer, he brushed his fingers against her mons, then dipped them between the lips of her sex.


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