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Calling All Readers and Reviewers

Good Monday morning, everyone!

Well, I am working on Angus right now. Sure, I am working on some other things, but Angus is the big book I am working on. One of the things that a lot of people asked about was why it took so long to get the next book out. Well, I write for a living and as a self pub author I have to make some touch decisions. Callum was well loved and people wanted more, but not enough people bought it. To produce the book, I need to put money into it. Editing, promotion…all that starts to add up. I had to put that aside, although I didn’t want to. Now, though, I am ready to dive back into the books and I am looking for a few people who have not reviewed Callum the first book in the series.

What am I asking for? Just honest reviews posted to either your blog or review site if you have one, or to Amazon or Goodreads. I will happily send you the book via Amazon or Barnes and Noble. That is all I am asking. I would like the review posted by the end of January.

If you cannot prove you have read and reviewed in some form and fashion Callum, then I cannot send you the second book. While the romances are set up and have their HEA in each book, there is a continuing theme of breaking the curse. You must read each book in order for it to make sense. Okay, a lot of people will have no problem, but some will and will cut me d

own on the rating. While I understand there are people who might not like it, I want to make sure I get people who understand the complete premise of the series.

So, want to know about Callum? You can read the blurb and first chapter on THE BOOK PAGE.

Want to review it? Well, then, Sign Up On This Form, and I will send the book to you.

Do NOT DELAY! This offer expires on December 15th! Any responses recorded after that time will be ignored. Also, I am only offering this to the first 50 people so hurry!


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