Now Free: Her Mother's Killer - Melissa Schroeder

Now Free: Her Mother’s Killer

One of the reasons I put some of my reissues just on Amazon was to take advantage of the free book promotions. While publishers are allowed to do that without being exclusive, self-pubs are not. Unless you want it free forever, which I do not. So, starting today and thru tomorrow (May 6th) , you can get Her Mother’s Killer for free on Amazon. You can download it to your computer, to your kindle, to your tablet.

So, if you have not picked it up, be sure to get over there by tomorrow night and pick it up.

Althea Johnson would like to leave the past behind. The memories of her mother’s murder lurk in her dreams. She was happy to try to ignore it until someone drives her off the road and then begins sending her sick letters. Deciding to return to the small Texas town where it took place, Althea plans on using the skills she developed at Atlanta PD to solve the case. Her main problem is avoiding the sheriff, her old crush, Duncan Perry.

Duncan can’t believe his best friend’s little sister has grown into such a wonderful bundle of curves. He is at first stunned by his reaction to her, but never one to be slow, he starts putting the moves on her. It isn’t until he is completely seduced by her that he realizes that she is putting herself in danger to solve the old crime.

As both of them fall in love with each other, the stalking and danger escalates. Women close to Althea’s description are being found raped and murdered. The new lovers work overtime to figure out just what went wrong 20 years earlier, not realizing the mysteries they will reveal could jeopardize everything they are fighting for.


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