A Calculated Seduction is Reissued - Melissa Schroeder

A Calculated Seduction is Reissued

Hey, folks! Another of my older books has been reissued. I wanted to give you a little note that this one is only on Amazon at the moment. The main reason is because sales of my reissues on other vendor sites are just not kicking it and I can format my own books for Kindle.  It is easier for me to do this way:) It also allows me to put it on PRIME on Amazon so that any of you who have a prime membership and a kindle, you can borrow it for free. I have to leave it there for three months, so it will not be available for at least three months at other vendor sites.



Dulcy Menendez has enough problems dealing with her stepmother and two stepsisters. She doesn’t need her sexy new boss, Ethan MacMillan, watching her every move. Especially since every time she catches his gray eyes studying her, her pulse races and her mind conjures up images of the two of them naked.

Security expert Ethan has taken over his uncle’s company to ferret out an embezzler, and he’s sure Dulcy has something to do with it. He decides, against his better judgment, to seduce the secrets out of her, planning on stopping short of taking her to bed. One limo ride later, and a very determined Dulcy, causes Ethan to decide between work and love. When the sun rises, the truth is revealed, leaving them with one question: What do both of them do when they find themselves in love with a person they can’t trust?


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