Hands On Training-Reissue! - Melissa Schroeder

Hands On Training-Reissue!

Now on sale!!! I have reissued the book, but just a word. This is not changed from the reissue that WCP did a few years ago. It is basically the same book. I proofed it again, and that is about it. It is at a new lower price!


Hands on Training-

Sequel to The Hired Hand



Joey and Heath are stuck working together for a week in Florida. Not only will they be in each other’s presence more time than either of them would like, and when Heath’s old friend Grant shows up, things really get out of control. Too close for comfort, and too much temptation to resist, the three of them agree to a one-week affair. None of them wants entanglements, especially Joey who learned firsthand how to survive without help.

With each kiss, each touch, the three of them grow closer. By the time they return to Dallas, they aren’t ready to let go. Will the three of them be torn apart by fear, or will they risk their hearts to find happiness together?


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