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A New Design and More

Are you surprised I did this at the last minute? Yeah, I am a nutjob but seriously, if you don’t know that by now, you have not been paying attention. Anyway, after talking to Brandy and Kendra Egert, we decided there needed to be a new cover for Fantasy. Heck, it isn’t out yet (soon, everyone) and I figured it was best to get it changed. It would stay the same for awhile if Smashwords hadn’t forced me to change the cover for Submission. So, Kendra redid the design using the same folks and WOO HOO, here it is!

Now, I love it! Some people still like the darker ones, but I like the vivid colors.

Secondly, make sure you join the Harmless Series Page! We are going to have our first RAFFLECOPTER contest tomorrow and you have to LIKE the page to get entered:)


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