A Little Harmless Bundle Vol 1 - Melissa Schroeder

A Little Harmless Bundle Vol 1

One of the reasons I went into self-publishing was the freedom it afforded me in offering different specials. Bundles of older books are one thing I really wanted to do. It allows me to market to an audience who might not have tried my books before, or have been waiting for some reason or another. I will be doing these regularly, and have two more coming soon.  The books each retail for 3.99 but I have put them together for 4.99! That is a savings of almost 3 bucks.

Harmless Bundle Vol 1


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Two of Melissa Schroeder’s best selling books in one volume at a discounted price!

A Little Harmless Submission

A sadistic killer is stalking the streets of Honolulu. When FBI Agent Maria Callahan suggests she becomes Rome Carino’s sub to smoke out the killer, both get more than they bargained for.

A Little Harmless Fascination

Dom Conner Dillon is ordered to take some time off work and finds himself utterly fascinated by Jillian Sawyer. But just as they find themselves falling in love, they discover someone has been stalking Jillian and will do anything to see her dead.


These books were previously published and can be purchased separately. Includes the full books along with the entire first chapter of Melissa’s November 2012 release: A Little Harmless Fantasy.




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