Friday Afternoon Cover Goodliness - Melissa Schroeder

Friday Afternoon Cover Goodliness

Again, I am a lucky bitch when it comes to covers. Not really lucky because I know to hire Kendra Egert to do my covers. I guess I am a smart bitch.
Here is a rough blurb of the book which will be releasing in early Feb.

Falling In Love Again

A Once Upon An Accident Short

With her children happily settled, Lady Victoria is at a stage in her life when she can put herself first. Since the death of her husband almost two decades earlier, she has never taken a lover and now she is ready. The only problem is the one man she would invite to her bed insists on marriage.

Lord Michael Greenwood has been in love with Victoria for years, but the Earl cannot convince the woman to marry him. He is positive she loves him, but her fear of loving and losing another husband. So, with help from a surprising source, he sets out to persuade Victoria to become his wife–by any means possible.

Warning, this book includes: A woman who is convinced she doesn’t need marriage, a man who is convinced she does, meddling family members, and a seduction that is destined to curl your toes, warm your heart, and leave our heroine with only one choice.


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