Inspiring Music for Kade and Shannon - Melissa Schroeder

Inspiring Music for Kade and Shannon

I am in the cave, seriously, with just bread and water. If I had a bathroom in there, I would never come out I am sure. I not only have Infatuation to work on, but also Rand’s Craving last edits. So, I am buried but I wanted to share some of my feelings on Infatuation. I knew this would be a hard book to write. Our hero is dealing with PTSD. We have never personally had to deal with it in the family, but we have had friends fighting it, still fighting it. It is painful and I want to make sure I don’t patronize the situation.
Anyway, I wanted to share one of the songs that I see as sort of a theme song for Kade and Shannon. Keith Urban is a favorite with the Harmless characters. Raining on Sunday spurred A Little Harmless Pleasure, so I have a long history of listening to his music when I write.
Shannon and Kade have known each other for a while and both have had crushes on the other for so long. This song fit in a lot of ways. They both go through a lot of changes, and I think as they come out of it together, they will be stronger individuals as well as a couple. fit.


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