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The Year So Far

This probably has no interest to my readers but I have to do a blog on it. At AAD, I was on the ebook author panel and we were asked by the moderator if we still wanted to be published by NY publishers. I said no, because it would be a cut in pay.

What a lot of people don’t realize, especially authors at one particular house, that I am making much more than I would if I were in NY. Last year, I had one release from Samhain off site. A Little Harmless Lie’s money did not come to me until this year. So, last year, along with my other publishers, I made just under 58K. I was pretty happy with that, seriously. I had turned in A Little Harmless Obsession Oct 2009 to my then editor. I had been without one for 18 months, and thought that my book would finally come out. It did, almost a year later. So, I had gone without a Samhain release, where my best selling Harmless series, is for the moment. (there will be more about that next week) So, it was a hit, for me. But, something happened with the harmless series last spring and I became one of the top sellers on B and N. A Little Harmless Sex was the top Nook book for Samhain three years after it released. It made the top 100 of all Nook books. My publisher never noticed, or said anything, but it was important to me. I had not gotten my Delilah’s Downfall money offsite either. That came this year. and WOW.
I have made almost 3 times as much as I did last year, already! I say this is all because of my readers. I had been without a release for almost three years by the time Obsession came out, and they all supported me. Why would I take a contract that would maybe give me a small advance, crappy %s  for digital, where my base is, and let’s be honest, wtf is the state of bookstores going to be in two years by the time my book comes out? With borders closing

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