Saturday Scribbles: Being Character Driven - Melissa Schroeder

Saturday Scribbles: Being Character Driven

I have talked about this while promoting A Little Harmless Addiction because there was a mistaken believe by a lot of people that I was writing a BDSM series with my Harmless series. I am not, and I never was. It wasn’t because these characters came up. If you have read from the beginning, you will know that A Little Harmless Sex is not even close to BDSM. Sure, Anna and Max play a little, but the psychological aspect isn’t included. Mainly because it isn’t true BDSM.
I had one reader very upset with me and told me I let her down because it wasn’t BDSM. While I am sorry that I might have upset the reader and I hope she doesn’t hold it against me. I am not about to write a book in a genre if the characters don’t fit it. Nor will I skip over them because someone wanted something else. I am sorry. It just isn’t in me to do it.
Why not? Because my books are not plot driven. I will never be that type of author. I tried that once. I planned, I plotted, I did everything other authors were telling me I needed to do to make it right. See, even though I was very successful, at the time I was still trying for NY publishing houses. There had to be some reason that a best seller in ebooks like me wasn’t getting picked up, right? So, many of them suggested it was my plots. I love a lot of the stuff I wrote then, but I can see myself how my characterization became less and less solid and my characters themselves got damned boring. And, my writing suffered–not to mention my self-confidence.
I went back to what I loved most, the character driven novel. Yes, I do have a better understanding at plot and I think that interlude made me a stronger writer. Plot is of course important. But one thing I have always loved when I read is an author who understands their characters. I also went back to mainly

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