Saturday Scribbles: Don't Be a Big Old Donkey Girl Scout - Melissa Schroeder

Saturday Scribbles: Don’t Be a Big Old Donkey Girl Scout

I made it two weeks in a ROW. I think I deserve a medal for that!
Today, though I wanted to discuss allowing yourself NOT to feel guilty about writing. I took the title from an old Designing Women episode where Julia called Charlene one. And, to an extent, I am too. I tend not to be able to say no. Or I used to be that way.

As authors, we tend to put our writing in the backseat, yes? I mean, we do it from home, so it isn’t like a REAL job. (don’t you hate that when people say that to you?) And, well, it isn’t really hard work. Coming up with plots, doing promo, writing until you back aches, or in my case in 2007, you end up in the hospital, that’s nothing. It isn’t like you go to an office or workplace, you can work in your PJs.  So, when people ask y

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