To Hell With It…

August 23, 2014

How about a little sexy scene from Logan? This takes place after Meg and Maggie christen their first night in Paris with a little bit of wine drinking, lol.


Coming Tuesday

“Now, let’s get me to bed, shall we,” she said.

LoganShe wobbled a bit, but righted herself as she made her way out the room. He followed behind her, worried that she wouldn’t be able to make it up the stairs.

Of course, it was the worst position to be in, he thought. At least the t-shirt covered her ass, which frustrated him too. He kept getting quick glimpses of black silky material each time she gained a stair. And each time he had to resist pressing his hands against her rounded ass.

She lost her balance and fell back against him. He kept them both from falling down the stairs by grabbing her by the waist.

“Oh, my,” she said, her voice breathless as if in anticipation.

He ground his teeth and righted her. She was drunk and no matter that they had kissed the night before, he would not take advantage of her.

Meg turned and flashed a smile at him. “Thanks.”

He felt the power of that single look to the depths of his soul. Was this what men felt like when she sang? He didn’t know, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to. Knowing she could do this to men with just the sound of her voice made everything somehow worse. He finally got her to her room. She almost tripped over the threshold, and he had to catch her again.

He righted her and she turned to face him. She was smiling at him, those dark brown eyes sparkling up at him, and again he felt that power, the sexual lure she held over him. But there was something else, something that called to him, pulled at him, made him think he would never be able to let her go.

“Thank you for the escort, your highness”

He would normally correct her, but he liked her teasing. “You’re welcome, wench.”

They stood there for a few long silent seconds.

“Oh, to hell with it,” she said. Before he could translate what she meant, she jumped into his arms and kissed him.

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    Logan-First Look

    August 23, 2014

    Not really the first look, but the whole first chapter. I was running a little behind the last few weeks because of some personal issues and forgot to get this to Wax:)


    Coming to wide distribution on August 26th

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    Her soft hands roamed over his body, as the scents of honeysuckle surrounded him and filled his every sense. She was killing him in the most wonderful way. Her tongue slipped over his flesh, following the path her hands had just taken. Logan’s blood heated. His cock hardened as her mouth drew closer.

    BAM! BAM! BAM!

    Logan groaned, then pulled one of his pillows over his head, and ignored the knocking at the door. It was too fucking early to get out of bed. Anyone who knew him well—and that included just about everyone in the house—knew not to wake him up. Thankfully, blessed silence returned and he started to drift again. Just as he was about to fall asleep again, the sound started up once more. He shoved the pillow aside and scowled in the direction of the door. He looked at the heavy curtains and saw no sun peeking through them.

    He refused to deal with anyone this time of day. The knocking seemed to dissolve, and Logan buried his head again. He wasn’t in the mood to face the day. Not after the night he’d had. There were dreams, then there were dreamscapes. He had always had vivid dreams, filled with premonitions or visions of what he would paint.

    Lately, he’d had no control whatsoever and he seemed obsessed with just one set of dreams. These had centered on one very sexy, Southern Belle. Meghan Campbell had come to them in their time of need just a few months earlier and had yet to leave. Since she had arrived at the McLennan household, she’d been creeping into his dreams. At first, they had been simple enough, innocent even. After last night, there was no doubt in his mind what he actually wanted from the witch. Her voice had wrapped around him, much like the smell of magnolias, and each night the dreams became more and more vivid. There were times when Logan wondered what was reality and what was imagination. They were bleeding into each other and left him feeling slightly off-centered.

    The images still played through his head and were the most erotic visions he’d ever had. He had dreamed a lot over the last few centuries.

    The door creaked open slowly, and small feet padded across the floor. Normally, he would rise in case of attack. This morning, he just didn’t give a bloody damn.

    “Sir Logan, are you awake yet?”

    Bloody hell, Jack. Maggie’s little boy was a joy most of the time, but he kept the worst hours.


    There was a pause. “But you just answered me.”

    He sighed. Jack was very literal and rarely understood a joke. Knowing there was no way to avoid the boy, he opened one eye and bit back a curse. Jack had his face level with Logan’s and very close.

    “Where are your parents?”

    “Their door is locked. Angus said never to open the door if it’s locked.”

    “Ah.” Of course his brother said that. Since marrying Maggie in a small ceremony last month, they’d been fornicating like rabbits. Considering Jack’s abilities, there was a good chance he could open that door without much trouble. And, that is how he ended up in Logan’s room. He would beat the hell out of his brother later.

    “Have you had any breakfast?”

    “No.” He kept staring at him in that way only Jack had. It was unnerving.

    “Is there something you need?”

    “I had a dream.”

    Logan might be two centuries old, but he didn’t know how to deal with children. It wasn’t his fault. They rarely had a chance to interact with them. But their lives were changing. First Jack had come to them with Maggie and now, Phoebe was pregnant.

    As the boy continued to stare at him, Logan realized he expected Logan to help. “Were you scared?”

    “A bit. I don’t like admitting that, but I do get scared sometimes.” Jack whispered the words, as if he were ashamed of it. Logan might be an old man, but he still remembered the shame felt because of the fear.

    “There’s nothing wrong with admitting that, Jack. Everyone is afraid at some point.”

    “Even you?”

    He nodded.

    “Even Callum?”

    Apparently Callum ranked higher in Jack’s standards of heroes. Since his cousin had almost died at Culloden, that was easy to accept.

    “Even stodgy old Callum.”

    Jack sighed. His entire body relaxed and relief moved over his expressive face. “Good.”

    Then Jack said nothing else. He did continue to stare at Logan with that perceptive gaze. It was enough to make Logan nervous.

    “Was there anything else?”

    Jack shook his head. “Are you hungry?”

    He chuckled. “Always. Give me a few minutes and I’ll be ready.”

    Jack continued staring at him, and Logan realized he wasn’t going to leave. There was never any rest for the wicked. He slid out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

    “Why don’t you wear clothes to bed, Sir Logan?”

    “I doona like the feeling.”

    “Oh. Okay. I guess you all sleep naked. Angus never seems to have any clothes on when he’s in his bedroom.”

    “I just bet,” Logan murmured, as he walked to the bathroom. “I’ll be out in just a few minutes.”

    Jack nodded, and looked at the chair beside the bed.

    “Go on, make yourself at home, Jack.”

    Jack smiled as Logan stepped into the bathroom. The boy was still timid around all of them, but he was getting better. Time spent in the company of four grown men gave him some more confidence, as did his mother regaining her powers.

    And hopefully, that would help them with what was about to come—whatever that was.

    He shook away his worries and decided to get on with the day. Starting out this early would allow him free time to draw in the afternoon. Or nap. Napping was always good.

    *  *  *  *

    Meghan drew in a deep breath and sighed with appreciation. One of the many things she loved about living with the McLennans was the food. They always ate well and, for a girl who had a healthy appetite, it was a beautiful thing.

    With all the newly married people in the house, she often had the room to herself for at least thirty minutes. It gave her time to reflect on the day and gear up for the day. When dealing with five immortal Scots, four of them very sexy, overbearing men, she needed to prepare. Especially when dealing with one in particular. It was the same one who had teased her senses and invaded her thoughts during the day. For a witch who had worked con jobs from the cradle, she rarely had this problem. Having a man interfere with her concentration wasn’t a good thing.

    Meg brushed away those thoughts and filled her plate with sausages, eggs, scones and her favorite, Devonshire cream. Since returning to the UK, she’d indulged in her favorite treat a bit too often, but Meghan didn’t care. If there was one thing her father had taught her, it was to live in the moment.

    She heard the sound of feet down the hall, and knew her morning solitude was about to be broken. When Jack slid into the room laughing, she smiled in reaction, until she saw his companion.


    The man brought about too many feelings to count. Dealing with him on half a cup of coffee was just not fair. And of course, he looked amazing. All that messy hair, his bedroom eyes, and the stubble he hadn’t shaved away…how was a woman supposed to ignore all that beauty?

    “Morning, Miss Meghan. How are you this morning?” Jack asked, drawing her attention away from Logan.

    “I’m very fine indeed, Sir Jack.”

    He giggled like he always did. “I am not a sir.”

    She widened her eyes. “But you are the son of Angus, are you not?”

    His smile grew. “I am.”

    She looked up at Logan. “Good morning.”

    “That’s your opinion,” he mumbled, as he headed for the coffee. It was out of character for the artist. He’d always seemed to be in a good mood, until the last few days.

    “Did you wake Logan?” she asked Jack.

    “Yes, but I needed to wake him. I had a dream,” he said, sounding more like the solemn boy Maggie had told her about. She had not seen much of that boy since she had moved in, but every now and then, he would look too serious for such a young boy.

    “Oh, don’t you know not to let dreams bother you?” she asked.

    “Some of Jack’s dreams are premonitions,” Logan said, as he placed his coffee at the head of the table. Where she liked to sit. Bugger.

    “I understand. But, if they are premonitions, there is nothing we can do about it now. Worrying about it will not stop what is destined to happen.” Meg knew that better than anyone, and had paid a steep price. She returned her attention to Jack. “So, Sir Jack, what would you like for breakfast?”

    “I can get my own,” he announced.

    Logan, for his part, had prowled over to the sideboard to get himself some food. As she had thought before, he hadn’t been what she would have pegged as a stereotypical artist. He had the look. But, his temperament had been one of…well, a normal, every day person. Artists, and she had dealt with more than one in her day, tended to be moody and…well, more trouble than they were worth.  Meg didn’t like moody men. She liked them to be happy and somewhat needy, because that’s how she had earned her living for so long.

    Still, it was hard to ignore the way he moved, or those long, artist’s fingers. She could just imagine what he could do with those talented fingers. Lord, to feel them dance over her flesh—

    Jack made a sound, and he was looking at her strangely. Oh, bugger. The boy could definitely read thoughts from time to time.

    “What else is on your mind this morning, Jack?” she asked, as she sipped on her coffee.

    He shrugged as he sat down at the table, and started to eat his bacon. He chewed for a few seconds, then said, “Did you know that Logan sleeps without any clothes on?”

    She choked, spewing a bit of her coffee. Retrieving a napkin, she dabbed at her mouth. “Does he indeed?”

    “Spilling all my secrets, Jack?” Logan asked.

    “I didn’t know it was a secret. You have to tell me. Besides, Miss Meghan was thinking about—”

    “Never mind about that, Jack. Get to eating,” she ordered, hoping Logan didn’t notice her blush.

    Jack smiled and dug into his breakfast. He was small for his age, but the boy had a massive appetite, one she could understand.

    “So, you tend to sleep later, Logan?” she asked.

    “No. I’ve been hit with the same affliction as Master Jack here.”

    “Dreams?” she asked.

    He nodded, his cool green gaze locked on hers. Suddenly, her pulse scrambled and she found it hard to swallow. Her entire body felt as if it had been set ablaze.

    “It’s because you are the next of the five. It’s your turn,” Jack said, breaking the spell.

    She looked at the boy again and studied him. He continued to eat as if he hadn’t said anything out of the ordinary. One of the five. She had heard the term, understood sort of what they were talking about, but she had tried not to be too nosey. If it was one thing Meg understood it was a person had a right to their secrets. She assumed they would tell her when she needed to know.

    Logan said nothing, as he continued to eat, but he did nod. Meg hated silences, hated the long pauses that others seemed to have no trouble dealing with. It always seemed like bad things followed those long silences.

    “Good morning, everyone,” Angus said, as he walked into the room. “I’m famished.”

    “I just bet you are,” Logan said.

    “Where’s Mum?”

    “She’s taking a shower,” Angus said, as he leaned down and whispered in Jack’s ear. The boy laughed.

    “Sorry if he woke you up, Meg.”

    She shook her head. “No problem, but he didn’t wake me up. He woke Logan up.”

    Logan grunted, as he continued to eat. Really, the man was in a mood today.

    “I’ve always been an early riser,” she said, as Angus grabbed something to eat. “It’s part of the job.”

    Logan eyed her. “Part of the job? So, grifting forced you to get up early?”

    She smiled, completely at ease with her checkered past. Unless she was on the job, she never tried to hide who she was. “You never know if you need to get out of town, so it’s just best you get up early. Or, so said my father.”

    In fact, it was one of the last things he ever said to her before he was murdered.

    She pushed those thoughts away and smiled at Jack. He was studying her as if, once again, he was reading her thoughts. Reaching over, he patted her hand. Her heart turned over at the simple gesture. She smiled at him.

    “So, Jack, what’s on your schedule today?”



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      Music Monday: Meghan’s Song

      I mention this Ed Sheeran song before. It seems he influenced a lot of my writing for this book. This song is so Meghan. She is a woman who has always thought her self-worth in terms of what she could do for other people. In the past, she has only given her heart freely once. That ended in a big mess and the young Meg, barely 20, was left to pick up the pieces. Continue reading

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        The Next Santini Family

        August 17, 2014

        Santini Book 6

        I have been spending a little bit of time withDante Santini (tough job, I know).  While the family dynamics of this part of the Santini family, they are of course different. SIX kids, SIX. I thought four boys were a handful. And, Dante’s twin, Elena, is our first Santini heroine. I am working out all the names of the others to come, but just know there will be a lot of Santinis over the next couple of years–that is if people still like them.

        Tony, Papa’s brother, and Marcella married after they met during his assignment in Arizona. The family is rich in Mexican and Italian heritage and take great pride in it. As with Joey’s group of men, the Santinis are close knit to the point of almost overwhelming outsiders.  And, we have a few Santinis who have spent their time in the military and left. I revealed them a couple of weeks ago and now I have titles for their books.

        A Santini in Love, Book 6 – Dante

        Falling for a Santini, Book 7-ElenaElena Santini

        A Santini Takes the Fall, Book 8-Anthony

        One Night with a Santini, Book 9-Brando

        A Santini’s Heart, Book 10-Carlos

        Loving a Santini, Book 11-Fernando


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          A Look…

          August 16, 2014

          Coming this Tuesday to Amazon!

          MAX AND ANNA

          Book One

          He would always stand out in any crowd, especially to her.

          Their gazes locked in the mirror. As serious as he was, there was always a hint of devilment within his deep chocolate eyes. She had recognized it years ago. His hair might be perfectly styled, his suit without a wrinkle, but there was always a wicked gleam in the depths of his gaze. Her breath tangled in her throat.

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            TBT: A Little Harmless Obsession


            May released a sigh of pleasure as the sub’s hands worked the scented oil over her skin. She’d been tense since Bianca had slipped the blindfold over her eyes. The silence had unnerved her but not as much as not knowing who was removing her clothes. She was pretty sure they were women. Their hands were small and she smelled perfume, not cologne.

            Once she was naked, her arms had been pulled over her head. Cuffs made of soft, padded material were slipped over her hands and attached to what she assumed was the hook she had seen up on the ceiling. That done, at least two people were left, one in front and the other in back. They were slowly torturing her.

            She bit her lower lip to keep from moaning as someone’s hands slipped up and over the fullest part of her buttocks and traced a finger between her cheeks. She curled her toes against the cold platform of the dais.

            It was bad enough she still couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact that Evan was going to be her Dom. She’d been prepared for Micah, for someone she didn’t know to handle her as if she were just another woman. Fear and anticipation beat in her heart as she thought about what was to come.

            The person in front of her paused before pouring more heated oil over her chest. Hands glided over the tops of her breasts, working the oil into her flesh. Fingers slipped between her breasts, then circled her nipples that were already unbearably sensitive.

            She had never thought to have a woman’s hands on her this way. May knew she wasn’t attracted to them, but they did know just how to touch her. Soft hands glided over her skin and without the being able to see, she allowed herself to just feel.

            She couldn’t stop the moan as the woman in front skimmed her hand down May’s stomach. Every nerve throbbed, her pussy clenching in reaction. Her whole body urged the unknown woman’s hand down to her sex to offer relief. Knowing the rules, she said nothing, but she wanted to yell at them. She needed just a little stroke, one little touch and she would come.

            As soon as the woman’s hand reached her abdomen, the door slid open. Turning her head toward the sound, she sensed a difference in the room’s atmosphere. Both subs dropped their hands from her, making her want to scream in frustration.

            “Very good work, ladies. I do like it when my sub is wet and waiting.” Evan’s deep, southern voice caused her heart to slip down to her stomach. “Continue on.”

            It had been weeks that she’d been planning this, or something like it. Having Evan act as Dom added another level of fear and excitement to the whole process. Both women continued to stroke, massage, entice as Evan moved about the room. She heard a drawer open and shuffling followed. Soon, silence filled the room. Without sight she couldn’t even sense what was going on now.

            “Ladies, I think I can handle this by myself.” When he spoke, she realized he hadn’t moved far from the door.

            She could sense they weren’t happy with their dismissal, but they went as ordered. He murmured something to them she couldn’t hear, but the door soon closed behind them with an audible click.

            Evan approached her almost silently. He said nothing, but as he drew closer, she scented his musky cologne. Stepping up on the dais, he circled then stopped behind her. She could feel the heat of his body warming her back. His breath feathered across her shoulder and she couldn’t fight the shiver. She started when he ran his finger across her stomach. A rush of tingles followed the path his fingers took. The teasing touch was just enough to drive her insane.

            “Are you ready to submit?”

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