July 29, 2014

The book that started the series that wouldn’t die!

This was the book that one publisher didn’t want, but my editor did. Of course, the same publisher told me after book two the series had run its course.  Now, I am publishing them myself and I am ever so happy about that. I will slowly have the rights back from the second publisher but I am so excited that I have this one and the most beautiful covers done by Scott Carpenter. We have been working together 10 years and it is just amazing how many covers he has done for me.

It is being sold at a new lower price!



Read the first chapter

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    July 26, 2014

    SeductionByBlood600x900 Now on PREORDER, coming January 20th, 2015 And this is a very rough draft.


    He moved so quickly she had no time to prepare for his presence. One minute he sitting behind the desk, the next he was standing so close to her that she could feel his body heat. The tips of his boots butted up against the toes of her slippers.

    “I do not think you do.” She opened her mouth but he shook his head then slipped his fingers around her neck. “Do you? Do you understand complete submission, Diana? To have every need you desire dependent on me?”

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      July 25, 2014


      Who would like a couple of Santini posters? I have one with all of the first four books and then one with the upcoming A Santini in Love poster. Heck, I even have a few A Little Harmless Ride, meet Eli St John posters left.

      Let me know what your favorite romance genre is. That easy! Just answer in the comments below. This, just like my Harmless Cup giveaway yesterday, is open internationally.

      Don’t forget to join in the blog hop and get your name in the hat for a mini Ipad!

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        Winner of the magnets and a quickie contest

        July 24, 2014

        Thank you everyone for coming by and looking at the new covers.


        JARYLYNN SCHLEGEL you are my winner. Email me at Melissa@MelissaSchroeder.net!


        Now, another contest. How about a Harmless cup?

        I am in the midst of writing my first ever secret baby story for Harmless. So, tell me, what is your favorite kind of trope? Best friends to lovers, little sister with brother’s best friend, opposites who attract…just let me know in the comments and you are entered.

        Don’t forget to enter the BIG ANNIVERSARY BLOG HOP for your chance at prizes!

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          TBT: The song that inspired A Little Harmless Pleasure

          There is a song that from the beginning was the soundtrack to A Little Harmless Pleasure. For those of you who do not know the whole story behind the book, Cynthia was not a sympathetic character in . In fact, BFF Brandy Walker told me she resisted reading the book for a really long time because of the way she came off in A Little Harmless Sex.

          Cynthia bothered me for months, chatting in my head, asking for her time to prove herself to readers.  Then I heard this song while I was thinking about it and I knew it was Chris and Cynthia’s book.

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            Kindle Unlimited and Prime

            July 23, 2014

            Good morning, everyone. I wanted to chat a bit about Kindle Prime and the new option of For-Love-or-Honor-mockup2Kindle Unlimited.

            Prime is for those people who pay the yearly fee to have Prime on Amazon. With that 99.99 fee you get free shipping, free music, all the prime movies and TV shows you want to watch (hello binge watching) and one book to borrow a month. Only one. Once you borrow that book, you have to wait until the next month. The one big catch is that it HAS to be on a Kindle device. For every book borrowed, authors get a % of the Kindle Global Fund Amazon provides for this.

            Kindle Unlimited is something else. For 9.99 a month, readers can get unlimited access to books in the KU library along with some audio books from Audible.  At any one time, you can have up to ten books that you have borrowed. Once you return one, you can get another. Just like Netflix discs. You can leave the service at any time. And, you can do it from any Kindle App. You do not need to have a Kindle to be part of the service. You can cancel at any time.SeductionByBlood600x900

            That was all for the readers. Now, to get down to the reason as an author why I put some of my books in the service. As an indy author, there is only way for me to enter my books and that is to put them in Kindle Direct Publishing Select. In this agreement, I have to leave my books exclusively with Amazon for at least 90 days. In return, I earn off my books that get borrowed. In Kindle Unlimited, every time someone reads past the 10% mark, authors get a cut of that Global Fund. Ten percent is the amount that readers can read on Amazon on the Look Inside feature. So, they have to pay the author once the reader gets past what is already available online.

            As an established author, I have had a few people question my reasoning behind doing this. I can’t go into all the reasons here on the blog, but there is one big reason: earnings.  I have noticed sales on B and N are sliding downward. Even even my books that make it under the 100 are not selling the same amount they did a year ago. This is due to a few things, mainly that B and N announced they would no longer build the Nook readers and tablets. There is also the tidbit that they are spinning off the Nook with Samsung and no HS_BK1_600x900one knows what is going to happen there. Oh, and the most dire prediction, that B and N physical stores might be gone by the end of the year.  I used to kill it on Barnes and Noble but it just doesn’t happen now. Their sales were down 27% during Christmas from the year before, and I have always found that B and N were not happy about ebooks. They definitely were never really nice to indies.  And I am saying that after having one of the top 100 bestselling Nook books of 2010. I was the only author on the list who did not have any Big Six publishers.

            After less than a month, though, I can see the benefits. I have sold the same amount of Desire by Blood, but my borrows have been equaled 6 times as many as the sales. I have just put a few more books in the service and I will reassess in a couple of months, but the borrows our much more than I would sell anywhere else. With the % I earn off of borrows, this increases my earnings quite a bit. And while I would love not to pay attention to earnings, I dPrelude_Secret_600x900o this for a living. I support my family by writing books and while I am thrilled I have more freedom to write what I want–not what the publishers want–I do have to pay attention to my earnings still.

            While I am happy with that, I am not totally sold on putting all my books there. Harmless, Harmless Military, the Santinis, and Cursed Clan will all stay in wide distribution. These books are by far my best sellers and they sell everywhere.  So for now, they will stay in distribution. The one exception is for the Harmless Shorts which will be only on Amazon.

            There are other benefits, like getting 70% from other countries that I normally would get 35%.

            I know some readers will not have anything to do with Amazon. They feel Amazon is ruining the physical stores. That is a subject for another day. I will say that before B and N and Borders strong armed their way onto the market, many indy stores were doing decently. Also, SELL FREAKING BOOKS, Barnes and Noble–since you call yourself a BOOKSELLER.

            But I digress. I am happy to test the waters and see if things like this will work. I love all my readers, and I do like to offer enough options that everyone is satisfied. But with dwindling sales, I thought I would give this a try with books that sell little or not at all on other outlets.

            Myself, I am planning on signing up for the free month of KU to see if I will really use it. I am pretty sure I will lol.





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              Drunken Witches

              July 23, 2014

              Coming August 26th!!!!!

              Angus shook his head and stepped into the room. “I think you should stay in tonight, love.”

              Maggie frowned at him. “Quit sneaking around like that.”

              Neither Angus or Logan pointed out that they had been standing in full view for several minutes.

              “I just think in your state, you should stay home. Logan and I don’t want to unleash a couple of drunken witches on Paris.”


              Plus, don’t forget to enter the big blog hop! There is a mini ipad up for grabs!

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                A bonus excerpt from Grace Under Pressure

                July 22, 2014

                I promised it and here it is. There is a reason I love Grace. She reminds me of my time working in the history department when I was getting my BA. Colleges are their own little worlds, full of amazing people who are at times eccentric and they are always interesting.

                And, now off to one of my favorite scenes from Grace Under Pressure.

                Make sure to check out the FIRST CHAPTER on the site and it is in print and digital right now!


                “I think you need stay with me tonight. As soon as I get you into the house, I’ll go get your mutt.”

                The smile returned, but with a seductive edge. “So, you were lying to Gabriel?” It took him a second or two, then he remembered his comment about jumping her bones.

                “No. It’s probably safer at my house.” Okay, a stupid argument, but even he could not explain the surge of protectiveness threatening to black out any of the good intentions he had. She wrinkled her nose at the stupid suggestion. Okay, so even she knew it didn’t ring true. Maybe she would take pity on him, and let it pass.

                “You mean your house, across the street from mine, is safer?”

                No luck. He had no luck when it came to fooling women.

                “Your house was broken into yesterday. You have to admit that.”

                That cute little crease formed between her eyebrows like every time she was thinking. Before he knew what he was doing, he leaned over and kissed the little wrinkle. Surprised, she looked up. Then, her lips curved into a smile full of warmth and sex that shot right down to his gut. Electricity crackled between them. Her lips parted as if waiting for a kiss. Craving but not taking her had been driving him insane. He wanted her with a need that bordered on sexual obsession. He was in serious trouble, but there was nothing he could do.

                His hand slid to the nape of her neck, and tangled in those amber curls as he drew the two of them close. The minute his lips touched hers, he knew he’d lost the battle. Her lips were cool and dry, but this time he hadn’t surprised her. She had seen the kiss coming, and returned it with enthusiasm. His tongue tickled the line of her sealed lips, and she opened them without hesitation, moaning in appreciation.

                His other hand found her breast, and as he plundered her mouth, he massaged and kneaded. The fabric of her jacket hindered his exploration. Without breaking the kiss, his hand slid down the front, unbuttoning it. Once undone, his hand stole inside her jacket and he realized she wore nothing beneath but a bra, one of those lacy half-cup ones that pushed up her breasts. His finger traced the edge, while lightly skimming the flesh that pressed against it. He ignored the fact that his hand shook when he touched her. He teased her by sliding his finger into the cup and gliding it over her nipple. His balls tightened as he moved his finger to the strap, and pulled it down off her shoulder. One extra little tug, and her breast sprang free.

                She broke off the kiss, allowing her head to tip back, her eyes still closed. His lips traveled down her exposed throat, flicking his tongue against her hot flesh while his finger began to trace a circle around her nipple. She moaned, an earthy, sensual sound that slid into his stomach and down his spine. Completely genuine, that one little moan was one of the most erotic sounds he’d ever heard.

                He continued the descent down her neck to her chest and was within centimeters of devouring her nipple. There wasn’t much light inside his truck, but he could make out the puckered bud in the weak glow from one of the nearby streetlights. Blood rushed to his cock. He groaned, and took the nipple into his mouth. He suckled and licked, and her moans increased.

                A different beam of light shone through the back window of the truck. Grace let out a groan that skittered through his system. He decided to ignore it.

                “Grace,” a soft female voice said. “Are you in there?”

                Somewhere in his hormone-soaked mind, he recognized that voice. He lifted his head and looked at Grace. Her jacket was undone, her bra half off, and her beautiful rosy-brown nipple glistened from his kiss.

                Reason warred with hormones. Reason finished a distant second. He bent his head to take the nipple in his mouth, when he heard the voice again, only much closer this time.

                Then it clicked. That soft, southern voice belonged to the woman he’d rented his house from: Adrienne Michaels, with whom he’d spoken on the phone frequently enough to recognize by voice. He abruptly lifted his head.

                “Grace, honey, your mother is standing at the rear of the truck with a flashlight,” he said as he pulled the bra strap back up on Grace’s shoulder, and had to work the cup back up over that beautiful puckered nipple. He couldn’t help himself, and brushed the back of his knuckles over it, happy to see a rush of goose bumps across her chest. Hastily he buttoned her jacket, and looked at her.

                “My mother?” she asked, her voice was still husky with passion. The implication of what he said registered and her eyes widened. “My mother?” Her voice raised in worry. Her smile disappeared. “What the hell is my mother doing here?” The last question came out in a whisper, and she crouched down in her seat, trying to hide.

                “I have no idea.”

                As he reached for the door handle, her mother said, “Grace Beatrice Michaels, get out of there right now!”

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                  Grace is BACK

                  July 22, 2014

                  ALL ORDERING OPTIONS

                  Good morning! My first ever release is up for sale! Now, some of you might have noticed it isn’t widely distributed. There is a reason for that. My reissues don’t do that well on other sites, and about 99% of my sales come from Amazon for them. So, I thought for awhile I would take advantage of the new Kindle Unlimited to see if I could gain some new readers.

                  Harmless, Harmless Military, Clan,  and the Santinis will all be distributed widely, but with some books that don’t sell well off Amazon, I am going to try this and see if it makes a difference. In the last month I have had books there, I have done quite well, so the experiment will continue. Since Grace Under Pressure has been in some sort of distribution since 2004, I figured it was a good candidate to try it out of the gate.

                  Now, if you want to read the first chapter, go HERE! I will be posting an excerpt in just a little bit!

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