Musical Inspiration for A Santini in Love

Before you know it, A Santini in Love will A Santini in Lovebe here! I am getting so excited for this release. I really enjoyed writing Madison and Dante and their music was at times dark and other times romantic. Dante, like many of the Santinis, is a romantic. It is hard to think of a Santini man who isn’t. And one of the things I loved about him was that from the moment they meet up again, he treats her as an equal. He wants to protect her, but he also understands that her condition doesn’t make her weak.

So, onto the music.

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Santini Sunday: A Bundle and Falling

October 26, 2014

Hey, everyone! As many readers now know, I am sort of limited in regards to my time on the computer. Hopefully, they will come up with a solution that is as painless as possible and allows me more time on the computer. Right now, I have been writing up a storm, editing, and it is all good for readers.

Jump on over to read about all the great Santini happenings!

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Santini Sunday: The Ultimate Novella Collection

October 5, 2014

As many readers know, I pulled the Santinis Collection off sale earlier this summer. It was so that I could put together the ultimate collection of the first five books!

Santinis-1 3D


Barnes and Noble


All FIVE novellas available for a limited time in one book! 
Get everyone’s favorite military family for one low price just in time before the release of the highly anticipated A SANTINI IN LOVE! 

Joint Base San Antonio Army Medic Leo Santini doesn’t know what hit him when he runs into prickly physical therapist Maryanne Johnson. 

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Quiet and thoughtful Navy SEAL Marco Santini doesn’t realize love is right under his nose, but once he does, nothing will stop him from capturing Alana Kailikea’s heart. 

Moody AFB PJ Gianni Santini finds the woman of his dreams the day before a deployment. When he returns, he has one mission on his mind, conquering professor Kianna Jones. 

Quantico MCB Vicente sees himself at the last Santini standing when he comes up close and personal with the one woman he has always loved, Jules Andrews. Now all he cares about is being that last man standing—as long as he’s her man. 

Join the Santinis as they gather together not for the joy of the season, but in crisis. One major event throws everything they hold dear into jeopardy, rallying the Santini brothers to support them mother and thrusting Joey back to the memories of when she and Papa first fell in love. 

Melissa Schroeder doesn’t disappoint as she continues to unleash her sexy Santini brothers on us. –Ms Romantic Reads 

Includes the first chapter from A Santini in Love! 


These books are different from the upcoming A Santini in Love in that they are novellas (less than 40K) and they are the start of a long series I hope to keep writing for a very long time. If you have not had a chance to try the books out, or if you missed one or two, make sure to pick them up now at the low price of 2.99 for FIVE books. It is the price of just one, so it is definitely a good deal. November 15th, the bundle will go up to 5.99, so make sure you get them now for this limited time offer.


And so it has come to this…

October 2, 2014

I have talked recently on Facebook about my issues. Normally, I would keep it a little more private, but it is really spilling over into my professional life so I feel I need to address it.

I have dealt with back problems for years. Finally, FINALLY, I had an MRI. The results were alarming enough that the doctor’s office called me on a holiday weekend on Saturday night. I have Degenerative Disc Disease–which I knew about–and now have Spinal Stenosis. It is causing problems with the nerves in my back and I now have issues with numbness in my feet, legs, arms, and hands. The PT they had me in before they did the MRI started a downward spiral for me and I have not returned completely.

What does this mean for you the reader? Sorry to say, there will be fewer books. I will not put a book up for preorder until the rough is finished which means there will be less notice for the readers. Also, other things are going to be put on hold. Only for Him is on the back burner. I want to have the last part finished before I release the fourth part, so you aren’t waiting a long time again, and I just don’t have it in me to finish it right now. Another thing on hold is the Harmless Shorts. As before, I have been having people leave nasty reviews complaining they are SHORT. Although I say they are SHORT and that they are SHORT STORIES, people seem to think I shouldn’t have released them for sale. The emails and the nastiness from people just don’t make it worth it.  Stress raises my pain level and dealing with that has made it not worth it. Since very few people have left reviews who actually like the books, it doesn’t counter the bad reviews so I can’t do much about that. It is what I have told readers before: If you love a series, you need to support it with reviews somewhere.

I will also not be online that much. I am either going to go through treatment or surgery, or treatment, then surgery. Either with, I have to be nice to my back. I can’t hang out online that much and write. I can do one or the other and I am pretty sure  readers will vote for books, lol.

Email response time will be greatly hindered during this time. There are days  I get a little overwhelmed and just have to shut down. So, it might be awhile before I answer emails, sometimes up to a week.

This isn’t all negative though. First, thank you everyone for your kind words for A Little Harmless Secret and for supporting me always! This is kind of good news though because this means we can at least come up with a solution and make it easier for me to get back to making appearances and spending more time with readers.

Thank you for understanding.


Hot Hometown Alphas!

October 1, 2014

Yes, I have been terrible about posting things on the blog! I do apologize for that, but I am working on a long boring post about that.  It will be going up soon. But, what is so good is that there is a great bundle of HOMETOWN HUNKS and only for 1.99! Filled with all kinds of heat levels and the book that started the Harmless Series, A Little Harmless Sex, you can have your pick of heroes! Also, all the money goes to Pets for Vets, so let all your friends and family know about bundle. It is only on for a limited time.



That Voice

October 1, 2014

Then, Dante heard that voice. She was laughing as she said, “I don’t know about you, but I better get at least two good filets out of that bunch.”

Santini Book 6It was the voice he hated, the one that had haunted his time at Annapolis. She had always been a pain in the ass, besting him in everything except the physical challenges. And she had not been that far behind him.