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    Tempting You With More

    Tempt Me


    Coming May 6th

    *Don’t miss the TEMPT ME RELEASE PARTY on Facebook*



    “Have you seen much of DC before, Zoe?”

    She shook her head. “I’ve only been here once before. I guess I’ll be up here more often if Gee and Kianna decide to retire here eventually.”

    “So, since Joey isn’t going to let it go, why don’t you come out this week with me?”

    “That is the rudest thing. And at my table,” Joey said, but he knew she wasn’t that mad. Papa just laughed.

    “If I don’t say yes, she’ll probably yell at me later,” Zoe said.

    Jesse nodded. “And I was taking some time off this week. I missed the blossom festival because I was in San Antonio for work, but it’s still pretty. Why don’t we get together and go see the monuments.”

    “Sounds like a plan.”

    “There, are you happy?” he asked Joey.

    “You’re worse than any of my sons,” Joey responded.

    “I have to disagree with you there. Leo is kind of a pain in the ass, or so says Vince.”

    Zoe shook her head. “Vince says that about all of them. See, you’re the oldest, just like him, so you think all of us younger siblings are idiots.”

    He considered that with mocking deliberation. “But you are.”

    “Maybe now I should tell Joey I don’t want to go to the monuments with you.”

    He chuckled. “No, that is one thing I don’t want to deal with.  She’ll blame me.”

    Joey huffed. “I’m sitting right here. You two are worse than my own children.”

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      Logan now on Preorder!

      The next Clan book is on PREORDER! Remember, most places do not allow me preorder, but Amazon does!

      Logan AMAZON

      US  |  UK  |  CA  |  AU |  BR | FR  | DE |  IT | MX  |  JP  |  SP

      A man who always sees beneath the surface.

      Logan has lived his dream of being an artist for hundreds of years. He’s painted some of the most beautiful women in the world, but none of them compare to Meghan Campbell. When they are paired up to go after the next jewel, resisting her becomes almost impossible, but he knows he must. The witch is hiding something and until he knows what that is, he cannot fully trust her.

      A woman who can lure any man.

      As a witch with siren abilities, Meg has never had a problem with the opposite sex. That is, until she met Logan. The irritating man seems to be the one person in the world who doesn’t succumb to her spell. Unfortunately, he is the one man she really wants. No matter how hard she tries, he resists her.

      As they embark on their quest for the next jewel, tempers flare and passion ignites. But when a new layer of the curse is revealed, they discover their failure could put lives in danger. The two must work together to fight the rising power against them and hope that those who support the Clan survive the fight.

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        TBT: Seducing the Saint



        Liberty Wainwright needs a man and not just any man. She needs Brady St. James, otherwise known as the Saint. His skills and knowledge make him the only choice to rescue her father. Now, if she can convince him to help her, she’ll just have to ignore her cravings for the man she’s never forgotten.

        Brady is stunned the woman who left him high and dry is back and asking for his help. Their affair had been doomed from the start. Libby liked to live by the rules and Brady lived to break them. He’d sworn she’d be back, but he hadn’t expected it to take over six years for her to return.

        The moment he accepts her mission, they discover their passion for each other is still smoldering. Unable to resist each other, their attraction sparks into an inferno that threatens to overpower all rational thinking. Libby and Brady realize they still might have a chance at love and happily ever after. If they don’t get themselves killed first.


        “I’m amazed you could afford something so nice.”

        Oh Jesus. She was swinging it back and forth as she rummaged through his food. It took a second for her comment to register. Through his lust-induced haze, he realized that in her usual subtle way, she’d put him down.

        “What the hell you mean by that?”

        She looked back over her shoulder at him. The image of her bending over while he took her from behind was so clear in his mind, he was amazed he didn’t come right then and there. Libby had always liked sex in that position. Used to drive her insane, if he remembered right.

        “I mean that you tend to give things away. I thought you donated everything to museums and the proper authorities.”

        “I…ah…” What the hell were they talking about? Fuck. “Um, well, I did that teaching stint in New York last year to make some extra cash. I didn’t want to depend on hiring a ship.” His smile was self-deprecating as he remembered one really bad job. “I think both of us learned that lesson.”

        She returned the smile. “That excavation in Miradan was a shit job.” For a moment, the memory of shared history shimmered between them. Familiar heat crawled through him—the dangerous kind, at that. This wasn’t just lust, and never had been. They’d both had their hearts involved before or it wouldn’t have hurt so badly when it fell apart.

        She turned abruptly and started to rummage again. “You have anything edible in here, Brady?”

        The deepening of her voice, not to mention the tremor he’d heard, told him she’d felt it too. That heat, the connection, that no matter how many years they’d been apart, the spark was there. She pretended to keep looking for food but he knew her well enough. The moment her body flushed with heat, she would be raring to go. No one burned hotter or faster than Libby. The woman might look and act like an uptight pain in the ass but she had no inhibitions in bed.

        As desire threaded through his veins, he moved behind her. He placed both hands on her ass and smoothed them up to her lower back. She stilled as he stepped closer, pressing his cock against her. She straightened and shivered. He leaned his head over her shoulder, bringing his face even with hers.

        “Ahh, lass.”

        “D-Don’t use that old ploy. I won’t fall for the Irish charm this time, asshole.”

        Her voice shook. His heart jumped at the telltale sign of her arousal. He slid his hands around to her stomach. One descended to cup her cunt. Wet heat warmed his hand. His dick twitched against her. Closing his eyes, he hummed. The musky scent of her arousal filled his senses. He moved his other hand to her breast. Gently, slowly, he grazed the tip of her nipple with his fingers.

        “I beg to differ with you. And, darlin’, your body agrees.”

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          Out Now!!!!

          Angus has arrived. I know it has been a long two years, but he is finally here! There is a little delay for the print because of the finalizing of the cover, but it should be live soon! Woot! Remember, this is the second book of the series. While you can read it without reading the first one, I would suggest you read the first. The quest to break the curse goes through all the books!

          ANGUS: The Cursed Clan Book Two



          A man who only believes in fact.

          Even after everything the Clan has endured, Angus has always held onto his scientific leanings. He isn’t a believer of instant attraction,  so, he is surprised by the force of his attraction to Irishwoman Maggie O’Conner. He doesn’t trust her, but she soon become an obsession he can’t seem to shake.

          A woman who defies every logic.

          Single mother Maggie comes from a long line of magickal women, but she walked away from that part of her life. When Angus bursts into her life, she tries to ignore the handsome Scot, but soon finds that she needs his protection. She knows he’s not normal, but she never expected him to be the one man who could capture her heart.

          A need they could not deny.

          As they work together, their need for each other threatens to consume them both. But just as they close in on the next jewel, a new enemy emerges and puts everything they hold dear into jeopardy.


          But he was waiting for her to do something so she did the one thing she could think of. She rose to her tiptoes and brushed her mouth over his cheek. When she pulled back, he had a stunned look on his face. She started to feel weird standing there.

          “Uh, okay. Goodnight.”

          “Is that what that was? A goodnight kiss?” he asked. There was something else in his voice. The affable tone had dissolved and there was an edge to it that caused her to curl her toes.

          “It was to thank you for the tea.”

          “And dragging you across the world and putting you and your son in danger?”

          “You know, men can never be happy. I was nice enough to let that go and thank you but no, you have to complain that I kissed you.”

          “So it wasn’t a goodnight kiss?”

          She rolled her eyes. “No.”


          Then, he grabbed her right hand and yanked her forward. Before she knew what was happening, his mouth was pressing against hers. A burst of heat swirled in her belly as she tried to think of something, anything. Before she could, he was stepping back. Her head was still whirling, and she was gasping for breath. He was standing there as if he hadn’t done anything.

          “What the bloody hell was that?”

          He smiled. “A goodnight kiss.”

          Then, he turned and ambled down the hall as if he hadn’t just turned her world upside down.


          Don’t forget that SINFULLY SUPERNATURAL- BN ARE AMAZON KOBO has Callum and SEVEN OTHER STORIES! Get them all for .99!

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            Sinfully Supernatural!

            Now on sale for .99, 8 sexy paranormal stories! Now on preorder at Amazon and on sale everywhere April 1st!

            US | UK | CA | DE | FR | ES |
            AU | BR | JP | MX | IT
            Including stories from:
            NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Sharon Hamilton 
            Heavenly Lover
            Claire, an unconventional Guardian angel, sent to save a sexy Brazilian-born painter from killing himself discovers a powerful dark angel has preyed upon Daniel. She is in danger of losing her own when attraction to her handsome charge blooms into a forbidden love.

            USA Today Bestselling author

            Melissa Schroeder
            Callum: The Cursed Clan 
            His duty to the Clan was all that mattered until he fell for the one woman who could expose their secret.

            Brandy Walker 
            Craving More: Tiger Nip 
            A late night tryst finds two tigers discovering their mates and two humans stunned. Add a brother, a best friend, a crazy ex-girlfriend, and you have a recipe for disaster.

            Buffy Christopher 
            The Mating Moon
            Ivy Landry fights a mystery attacker and tries to find a mate before the full moon. Can she find him and fight for her life at the same time?

            Crystal-Rain Love
            Moonlit Dream
            Ming’s true love is brought to her with a little magical help, but before they can reach their happily ever after, they must outrun the bloodthirsty wolf pack on their heels.

            Christle Gray
            Forever, My Love
            With a visit from her dead husband, Eric, Darcy Abrams is sure she’s losing her mind. Or will Eric’s promise of forever turn her entire world inside out instead?

            Heather Long
            Marshal of Hel Dorado (Fevered Hearts) 
            Sam Kane is the oldest brother, the steadfast son and the confident marshal. He’s never met a problem too hot to handle until he caught Scarlett robbing the town’s bank.

            Saranna DeWylde
            How to Lose A Familiar in 10 Days 
            Hemlock Butterbean’s familiar from hell isn’t really a cat at all, but a warlock under a curse. When her fantasies make him flesh, she finds out just how familiar he can be.

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              I’ve got a SEEEKRIT to share

              If you’ve read Prelude to a Secret in A Little Harmless Six Pack, you got a glimpse at Ali and Devon! Now, you can preorder their book on Amazon and All Romance ebooks.



              Sept 23, 2014



              US | UK | AU | CA | DE | FR | ES | IT | BR | MX | JP

              ALL ROMANCE eBOOKS


              Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you can trust them.

              Devon Stryker is a man with no past—not one anyone can dig up that is. His made up identity has kept him safe from everyone, except one woman. Five years earlier he let his guard down once, one night of unforgettable passion. He has yet to get her out of his mind. When he thinks he sees her in Seattle, he becomes obsessed with finding her.
              Alicia Hughes hasn’t forgotten Devon either. She had been on assignment from MI-6 to find him. Since he disappeared, her life has fallen apart. When she comes face to face with the one man she loved—and the one she fears the most—she panics. When he catches up to her, he finds the woman he has always loved—and the child they made together.

              As the old lovers form a tentative alliance, the feelings they both had for each other rise to the surface. They have to let those things go to protect everything they hold dear in the world because someone is intent on destroying them…by any means possible.

              WARNING: This title includes secrets, guns, a sexy know-it-all hero, spies, a heroine who doesn’t trust the hero, meddling inlaws, even more spies, double crosses, cool computer things, and two people who can’t seem to keep their hands off each other even though they know it isn’t the right thing to do. Remember, it’s a Harmless book, so have ice water and towels nearby.

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                A Two Book Tuesday!

                Hey, there. I was busy all day with my Sizzling Six Pack Party so I am a little tardy putting this up. First, a Newsletter just went out. Make sure to check out all the info. Plus, there are going to be some NEWSLETTER only features so you will want to make sure you sign up now before that starts pretty soon. It is all a SEEKRIT right now. Thank you all for being so patient with me about Only for Him. I realized what I was doing wrong on Monday night, and this one is a little short. But it means that you don’t have to wait that long for the next one and it will be a little bit longer:)

                Now for the BIG RELEASES.


                Six Stories, including the new Prelude to a Secret Short!

                On sale now until March 18th for .99! Get it now before the price goes up to 6.99!

                ALL ORDERING OPTIONS




                Only For Him, Part 3

                Addy had agreed to submit…but will it be enough for Vic?

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