Seductive Reasoning is FINALLY HERE!

October 13, 2015

Hey, everyone! I am so excited about the release of Seductive Reasoning! I really love this book and just so you know, look for lots more romantic suspense from me in the future. I had so much fun writing this book! Reviewers have been loving the book and I am so happy that everyone seems to really enjoy the entire group of TFH. I thought that maybe y’all might want to meet Del Delano. Continue reading

A Taste of Emma and Del!

October 10, 2015

Hey, there. Just a few more days and you get to meet the TFH team!

Here is a little sexy  never before seen excerpt for this Saturday to get you ready for the release!




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Lost in Emotion

October 3, 2015

Paranormal Hunks is back on the market. Included in the bundle is the Telepathic Cravings Trilogy along with Desire by Blood and Callum. The second book from the series is Lost in Emotion and here is a sexy excerpt!


Lost in Emotion


“Well, you can forget it. Marcus wants you in the flesh. I don’t plan on disappointing him.”
She laughed, her eyes sparkling with her amusement.

“Take it from me—you’re cute, but you’re not Marcus’ type.”


“Marcus is into women. Human women, at that.”

She touched the top of her blouse, slipping her fingers through the sheer purple fabric. He curled his fingers into his palm to keep from joining her. Then her words registered.

“You think I’m interested in Marcus?”

Her lips curved into an evil smile as a wave of fear intermingled with something that felt almost like panic washed over him. “I just figured you were so intent on making him happy…”

Her voice trailed off as he stood. His anger and pride matched the anxiety she was letting off. Never in his life had he been accused of being interested in men. David saw it for what it was. She was trying to put him in his place, build a wall between them. It didn’t matter. He’d passed reason the moment he’d seen her in the club.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her up. Even in her ridiculous little slippers, she stood almost eye-to-eye with him. She blinked once. The color of her eyes deepened. He dropped his gaze to her mouth and almost groaned aloud when her tongue licked her pouty lower lip. Every thought cleared out of his mind, except one. He had to have a taste.

David yanked her closer, enjoying the surprise in her eyes and the angry flush in her face. Anticipation, annoyance, and a dash of fear lashed from her to him. Her body fell against his, and he wrapped one arm around her waist. Before she could protest, he took hold of her chin, bent his head, and touched his lips to hers.

At first, she didn’t respond. He could almost feel her quivering, standing on the edge of surrender. He pressed closer, tracing the seam of her lips with his tongue. Her soft curves molded to his body, the hardened tips of her nipples against his chest. His hands slid down to cup her ass and pull her tighter against his groin. One more second of resistance, then her mouth opened and he dove inside.

The first thing David thought of was wild strawberries. His favorite fruit. She was sweet and tart and just like the taste of them when picked off the stem. He’d never sampled anything so innocent and sinful at the same time. Possessiveness lanced through him. The need to conquer, to have this woman for his own, caused him to deepen the kiss. Genoa moaned. Her tongue tangled with his, and he was lost.

Hostile Desires

September 29, 2015

Oh, hey there! How have you been? I have been busy getting everything ready for the release of Seductive Reasoning, and thought, hey, maybe I should show everyone the next cover! Here is Graeme McGregor, former Royal Marine, thoroughly Scottish, and our next hero!

If you want to know when it goes on preorder, which it will really soon, make sure to sign up for my NEWSLETTER and like TASK FORCE HAWAII on Facebook!


Preorder coming soon


As a cold case heats up, two former adversaries discover there is a thin line between love and hate.


Seven years ago, Dr. Elle Middleton’s world crashed and burned. She has rebuilt her life and found comfort in her work as the medical examiner for TFH. When a new case leads to a cold case, she is beyond excited for the challenge, until she finds out the one man she wants to avoid is her partner on the case.

Graeme McGregor isn’t any happier with the assignment. The doctor gets under his skin in more ways than one. He’s avoided her and his attraction by keeping his distance from her, but working with her has made it impossible to resist taking a little taste.

One kiss leads to another…then to a full blown affair.  But even as they draw closer to each other, secrets from that long ago murder rise to the surface. The killer’s determination to stay free leads to a dangerous confrontation that puts both of their lives in peril and could leave TFH in shambles.

Preorder and GR Contest Winners!

September 15, 2015

Seductive Reasoning is up everywhere in digital for preorder. Get it now because the price goes up on Oct 14th. Only 2.99 for a book that will be 4.99 at regular price!




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