Meet Brando Santini

December 18, 2014

Hey, there, everyone! You got a little snippet of Brando’s book yesterday (One Night with a Santini). So I thought you should know a little bit more about him. His book should be on preorder very soon!

Santini_BK9_600x900BRANDO SANTINI 

AGE: 33 yrs old

Occupation: Ground Intelligence Officer- about to start teaching at University of Maryland Navy ROTC

Twin-Carlos, who is now out of the military and owns a rehabilitation ranch out west.

Interesting fact: Did not do Annapolis. He opted for University of Maryland ROTC.

Brando’s Philosophy in life: Life always gives you at least one second chance. If you screw it up the second time around, you don’t deserve it.
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A Taste of the Next Santini

December 17, 2014

When I started writing Falling for a Santini, I had it set in my mind that Anthony’s book would be the book after it. But, there was a little voice in my ear. And that voice grew. Then I realized it was Brando and determined his book would be next.

So, here is a little tidbit from Brando’s book, which should be on preorder soon. You will get a better idea of him later this week when I reveal a little more about him.

Santini_BK9_600x900ONE NIGHT WITH A SANTINI-unedited

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Feb/March 2015

Kaitlin was laughing when he leaned closer and kissed her. It was a simple kiss–just a brush of his mouth over hers. but she felt it all the way to the way to the tips of her toes. Then, he deepened this kiss, slipping his tongue between her lips. A thousand sparks of excitement danced through her blood and touched her soul.


Make sure you check out Joey in her book A Santini Christmas.  TheTHUNDERCLAP is still going on for Falling for a Santini! And make sure you check out the Falling for a Santini page so you read the first chapter!

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Joey and Marcella Santini!

December 16, 2014

I know that most lovers of the Santini books have a special place in their hearts for Joey Santini.  I can understand because I do too.  So, when I started to get to know Marcella Santini, I realized that they were very different in their way of dealing with their children, but they both amazingly strong women. I guess you have to when you have so many children.

Marcella and Joey are physically different, but they seem to be closer than some biological sisters. Joey’s blonde hair and slim build are the direct opposite of Marcella’s curvier build.  Long, straight dark hair and golden skin are a testament to her Mexican background. Her hazel eyes always seem to sparkle.

Follow me after the jump to hear what the two women had to say.

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Jethro Francis Thomas

December 15, 2014

Many apologies. I thought I finished and posted this. Yes another day. But, I had something unexpected go wrong personally, so the fall out from that kicked me in the arse. I promise I will I never expected Jethro to be so sweet. Seriously sweet. I guess it makes sense he would be the other half of Elena because she sees herself so differently. She needed a man who knew just how to romance and who could take on the other Santini men. JT definitely does that.

Jethro Francis Thomas (call him JT because he hates the name Jethro)

Age: 35 yrs old

Family Background: Only child, estranged from his parents.

Occupation: Marine, now out and a member of the NCIS team in San Diego, CA

Best friend to Anthony Santini-oldest Santini of this group and hero in A Santini Takes the Fall coming up late spring of 2014.

Mel’s Favorite quote: In that one split second, he knew she was the mirror to his soul.

And don’t forget, tomorrow will be an interview with Joey and Marcella Santini!

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Elena Santini

December 14, 2014

Sorry, I am a little late posting today. I started to clean the kitchen, then started decorating  and all of the sudden it was two in the afternoon. My ADD is really bad this time of year. Shopping, baking, planning the meals, along with getting everything set for 2015 when it comes to writing, is really causing me issues lol.

But, on to the fun stuff.

Elena was a unique heroine. I have written military women before in Tease Me and A Santini in Love, but she was also a Santini. As readers, you know  that is a big thing to live up to. Thankfully, Elena  has no problem living up to the hype (imho).


Age: 25 yrs old (Twin)

Occupation: Marine pilot (0-3)

Favorite past time: Vegging on the couch and thinking about flying.  She always thinks about flying, but she is a pilot.

Relationship with the other Santinis: Especially close with her twin, Dante. She is treated as just one of the guys, until they realize she is involved with a man.

Mel’s favorite quote from Elena:

Sometimes crying was the only thing a strong woman could do to keep herself together.
I have an extra option to share the cover of Falling for a Santini today on pinterest. Remember, you must enter every day to be entered for the GC for THAT day! And yes, you can go back and enter the other days until the contest closes at midnight on the 24th! Don’t forget that Falling for a Santini is up for preorder everywhere!

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TBT: Two Countdown Deals for you!

December 11, 2014

Hey, there! I am busy getting everything ready for the TWELVE DAYS OF SANTINIS that starts tomorrow, but I have two books  that could be considered for the Throwback Thursday postings on a sweet deal price for you!

First up is A Calculated Seduction-this is only available on Kindle US. Right now, the price is .99!

Now, at Kindle US and UK, you can get Grace Under Pressure for 1.99!


For those you without Kindles, do not despair! Next week and into the release of Falling for a Santini, there will be sales in wide distribution. Just keep an eye out here and subscribe to my newsletter where I will announce them!

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December 9, 2014

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