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WIP Wednesday

I am going to start posting a little snippet of what I am working on each Wednesday. Remember, this will be unedited, so it isn’t the way it will probably look in the final book. Today, I am back to work on A Little Harmless Fantasy, YAY. Rory is kind of bad. He’s a Dom […]

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Reminder: Got some Contests going on

Hey, everyone, don’t forget I have some contests going on:) Here on the site, we are in the last week for the $100.00 gift card drawing. Make sure to check out my contest page! I am also doing a Goodreads giveaway for A Little Harmless Fantasy. It is open EVERYWHERE, so make sure to enter […]

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And the Beat Goes On

While I am not releasing as books as fast as I planned, I am working hard. I have to teach part of my day and hit my 3K writing goal six days a week. I am finishing up edits on my next Kiera West book which is coming out in October. Then, I get to […]

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News and updates

Well, it has been a crazy week, but what week isn’t crazy with my life? I did a lot of thinking this week-and not all of it was about how word problems are tools of the devil. As many of you know, I have some health issues. I am doing MOSTLY what I am supposed […]

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