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Scrumptious is on Preorder!

Hey, there, Camos and Cupcake lovers! Fritz is almost here and his book, Scrumptious, is now on pre-order. This is the longest book of the trilogy (close to 400 pages). Because of that, I want to take a couple of extra weeks to make sure it is the best it can be. Therefore, I am […]

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Saving Thea is on Preorder

After much thought, I decided to repackage the book Her Mother’s Killer and release it under a new title, Saving Thea, with this amazeballs cover! Isn’t he pretty? The book is reissuing on the 25th and will be in Kindle Unlimited.

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Delicious is FREE!

If you haven’t read Delicious, now you have a chance to read the e-book for free! From August 23-25th, the novella is free through Sunday night. Make sure you grab it up and then pre-order Luscious for the pre-order sale price of S2.99!

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Luscious is on preorder!!!

I know a lot of you have been waiting on this preorder! After looking at the preorder and sales for Delicious, I have decided to just release Luscious directly into KU. You can still purchase it, but it will only be on Amazon. The regular price will be $4.99. It’s over 40,000 words longer than […]

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