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Sexy Saturday

It is Military Appreciation Month here in the US and of course, I think we need some sexy men to celebrate. Especially since we have some Harmless Military releases coming up really quick and Mel’s Salute to Military Romance! So, all through the month we will have military men!

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Sunday Ramblings

Good Morning! First things first. SAMHAIN PUBLISHING is having an EARTH DAY sale. Enter code EARTH12 and get 30% off any ebook! Can’t beat that, can ya? I just turned in the rest of A Little Harmless Fascination and I am pretty pleased with it. It isn’t quite as suspense filled as some of the […]

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Veteran’s Day Fundraiser: Fisher House

Veteran’s Day is an important day to me. I was raised in the military. My father spent 23 years in the Air Force, and my husband is closing in on his 18th year next week, and both my grandfathers served during WWII. Veterans Day is important to me because it honors those who serve. After […]

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Brats: Our Journey Home

I have talked about this documentary before but it is FINALLY getting a North American debut on TV on the military channel Friday, Dec 10th.  It is the first documentary that deals with the last two generations of military brats and just how different it is for us growing up.  Make sure to watch it […]

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