The Cursed Clan

Part of the Cursed Clan Series

Will desire be the salvation or ruin of an entire clan?

Includes Books 1-3


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I want them to suffer…

For years, the Clan has lived through that curse, trying and failing to break free of the shackles that hold them to it. Now, an obscure text gives five cousins hope…

His duty was all that mattered.

Callum Lennon has one goal in life: protect his cousins. His failure in the past to do just that is what drives every action. When they discover a chance for redemption, Callum is willing to try. But trusting an outsider isn’t acceptable.

A woman in need of a new beginning.

An expert in archeology, Phoebe has always felt dwarfed by her parents’ shadow. In college by thirteen, she’s never measured up to her parents’ high standards. When the Lennons contact her, she decides to take a chance…and finds herself intrigued by the most insufferable man.

A passion impossible to ignore.

One argument leads to a kiss and to an unbearable desire they cannot seem to fight. When an old enemy threatens their fragile new love, Callum will have to choose between believing his mind or trusting his heart.



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A man who only believes in fact.

Even after everything the Clan has endured, Angus has always held onto his scientific leanings. He isn’t a believer of instant attraction, so, he is surprised by the force of his attraction to Irishwoman Maggie O’Conner. He doesn’t trust her, but she soon become an obsession he can’t seem to shake.

A woman who defies every logic.

Single mother Maggie comes from a long line of magickal women, but she walked away from that part of her life. When Angus bursts into her life, she tries to ignore the handsome Scot, but soon finds that she needs his protection. She knows he’s not normal, but she never expected him to be the one man who could capture her heart.

A passion they could not deny.

As they work together, their need for each other threatens to consume them both. But just as they close in on the next jewel, a new enemy emerges and puts everything they hold dear into jeopardy.


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A man who always sees beneath the surface.

Logan has lived his dream of being an artist for hundreds of years. He’s painted some of the most beautiful women in the world, but none of them compare to Meghan Campbell. When they are paired up to go after the next jewel, resisting her becomes almost impossible, but he knows he must. The witch is hiding something and until he knows what that is, he cannot fully trust her.

A woman who can lure any man.

As a witch with siren abilities, Meg has never had a problem with the opposite sex. That is, until she met Logan. The irritating man seems to be the one person in the world who doesn’t succumb to her spell. Unfortunately, he is the one man she really wants. No matter how hard she tries, he resists her.

As they embark on their quest for the next jewel, tempers flare and passion ignites. But when a new layer of the curse is revealed, they discover their failure could put lives in danger. The two must work together to fight the rising power against them and hope that those who support the Clan survive the fight.

This book is a bundle of three previously published books.

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The Cursed Clan

The Cursed Clan

Part of the Cursed Clan Series

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The Cursed Clan

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Scotland, 1746

Death would be too kind for the Clan McLennan.

Donedella McWalton clutched her husband’s faded plaid to her chest. Even as fear slithered down her spine, she knocked on the door to the witch’s remote cottage. As she waited, a chilling gust of wind stole through the thrashing branches of the winter-bare trees.

From above, an owl screeched. She shivered. Before her nerves settled, the door creaked open. Donedella saw no one standing before her. She hesitated in the gaping doorway, which earned her a disembodied cackle.

“Come in, my lady,” an ancient voice called from behind the door.

Donedella’s heart skipped a beat. Bolstering her courage, she skittered over the threshold, eyes darting around the room. With only the light from the hearth’s fire, it took a moment for Donedella’s eyesight to adjust. No bats hung from the ceiling. No potion boiled over the fire. But as the flames danced, the shadows moved and dread twisted through her.

“You are Lady Donedella.”

She jumped at the sound of her name and toward the voice. Donedella had imagined the woman to be older, scarier. But this woman was not much different from herself. The kerchief on her head covered what looked to be a mop of curly gray hair. Her simple peasant clothing draped over her generous figure. Even as Donedella noted the normal dress, she sensed dispassionate study from the woman who earned her keep off the misery of others.

Donedella nodded.

The witch walked forward, her steps sure and steady. She stopped within an inch of Donedella.

“You want to kill someone?”

“Nay.” She shook her head. “That would be tae easy, tae nice.”

The old woman humphed and paced away. Donedella watched her, wondering if the witch would do what she requested. Or could. This witch was her last chance. Her last hope. Without the woman’s help, the vile McLennans would ‘ner pay for their crime. Panic raced through her, curdling her stomach. She swallowed the bile in her throat.

The witch glanced over her shoulder, and Donedella almost gasped. The cold, calculating gleam in the other woman’s eyes sunk into her bones, chilling her from the inside out. She fought the shiver that raced down her spine.

“For this you shall pay…handsomely?” The smile she flashed Donedella had nothing to do with pleasure.

Drawing in a deep breath, she nodded. “Aye. I’ll pay anythin’ to have my revenge on the McLennans.”

The older woman glanced at the plaid Donedella held. She’d almost forgotten she’d brought it. “I see you have the plaid. You know what you are asking? You know that this curse is not done lightly?”

Before she could allow her conscience to get the better of her, Donedella let the pain of the last four months bubble up inside her. The death of her beloved, the murder of her sons, and the ending of their clan as they knew it was too much to bear. Even as she knew that the spell she sought would condemn her soul to hell, she could not stop the hate. It swept through her, whirled into her heart, into her soul, demanding vengeance.

“I want them tae suffer.”

“’Tis as you wish, my lady.” The fire snapped, the flames jumping as the witch nodded again and turned from her. “They will suffer, indeed.”

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The Cursed Clan

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Harmless Publishing

Jul 3, 2018

ISBN-13: 978-1-939734-74-7

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The Cursed Clan

This was such a good read! For me, it was just the right amount of romance, story, and smexy. Not one element overwhelmed the others. I highly recommend this book!


The plot was really interesting and the story flew by quickly. I am very much looking forward to reading the second book in the series, which will be about Callum's cousin, Angus!!


This was an entertaining story that started slow but gained momentum to a rip-roaring conclusion.  There's a bit of intrigue to keep you waiting with bated breath for the next release and if the idea of a super sexy Scotsman with his sensual brogue doesn't tantalize you, I don't know what will.  So all you lords and lassies should definitely put this on your reading list.

Jody, Words of Wisdom

A fantastical start to a new series by Melissa Schroeder....This book had me laughing, sighing, growling (yes, growling), groaning, gasping and 'oh em gee-ing'. I loved the cousins and can't wait to read their stories. If you're a Mel Schroeder fan, you've probably already got this on your e-reader. If you're a fan of contemporary romance with a dash of paranormal, this book is for you. Throw in some kilted men and you've got a recipe for Highland hijinks.

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