Southern Sins

Book 1 in the Savannah Heat Series

Coming Summer 2019

A woman with a past.

Raised by her maternal grandmother, Raelynn Hill has been a part of Savannah history for as long as she can remember. While most residents still whisper about her mother’s unsolved murder, Raelynn has moved on. Her bakery and bookstore Sweet Reads is so successful, she can barely keep up. The only thing she is missing is an active love life and she thinks new Savannah resident Nikolai Papas might be the guy for the job.

A man searching for a new future.

Needing a change of pace after two tours in Iraq and a divorce, Nik moved to Savannah to join the police force. His sweet tooth led him to the popular bakery…and he has been in lust with the pretty bakery owner Raelynn since he first saw her. She bakes the most amazing treats, loves everything vintage, and has that slow southern accent. When a little flirtation turns into a date and that little date turns into more, Nik finds himself completely enthralled.

For the first time in her life, Raelynn finds herself involved with a hot, romantic man. But someone from Raelynn’s past isn’t happy with the situation, and he will do anything to stop the new love from blossoming into something more serious—even resort to murder.

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Southern Sins

Southern Sins

Book 1 in the Savannah Heat Series

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Southern Sins

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Summer 2019

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