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Questions About Melissa

Do you make any public appearances?

Yes. I am usually one of the featured authors at Authors After Dark every August and I do have a few things planned throughout the year. Be sure to check out my events calendar to keep up with my online and real time appearances.

You call yourself and your kids brats. Why?

I am a born and bred military brat as my kids are. Most kids who have parents in the military are proud to be called a brat. It’s sort of a badge of honor for most of us.

I am an aspiring author. Would you critique a chapter?

While I wish you the best of luck, I do not have the time to offer critiques to people. I have very little personal time and cannot spare the time to do so.

I want to subscribe to your newsletter, how do I do that?

Go to this link and fill out the form.

My book club or writers’ group would like you to come speak about self-publishing, writing, etc.?

Please contact me here.

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Questions About Writing & Books

How long have you been writing?

I started writing when I was in college. It took me until about 1999 to find romance.

You recently moved your Harmless series from the publishing house to self-pub. Why did you do that?

Plain and simple: frustration. My publishing house wasn’t allowing me to release books fast enough and readers were getting irritated. While I appreciate everything they did for me, I knew that the momentum the Harmless books had in 2010 and 2011 would die if I didn’t do something. So because of that, and along with some contractual issues, I decided to jump into self-publishing. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I run a bookclub, a book blog or a bookstore and would like some free swag for my readers. How do I contact you?

My PA, Brandy Walker, will be happy to make contact with you. Please fill out this form and let her know all about your club, blog or store and what you are looking for.

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Questions About Kiera West

Who is Kiera West?

She is my other self. I wanted to try a brand new genre for me and approached Siren Publishing about dipping my toe in writing shape-shifters for them. They accepted it and after the books were successful, we revealed I was writing them.

When will the next one be out?

I am trying to get them done as soon as possible, I promise. I have had two moves in less than a year, and since moving south, we had to start homeschooling our kids. I have also had some health issues that we are working out and it is important that I keep my stress level at a minimum. I hope to finish up the Great Wolves by the end of the summer and it is up to Siren to set the release of the books.

Can the Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska be read in any order?

No. This is a serial novel so each installment is about 20,000-25,000 word count (a novella). Each book has a different romantic interest, but the overall story will be included in order from 1-8.

Will there be a Great Bears of Passion, Alaska?

If I do find time to write it, they will not be a serial, but stand alone books.

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Questions About the Harmless Series

What is the chronological order of the Harmless books?

  1. A Little Harmless Sex
  2. A Little Harmless Pleasure
  3. A Little Harmless Obsession
  4. A Little Harmless Lie
  5. A Little Harmless Addiction
  6. A Little Harmless Submission
  7. A Little Harmless Fascination
  8. A Little Harmless Fantasy (November 2012)
  9. Coming Soon: A Little Harmless Ride (August 2013)

Find out more about the Harmless Series.

Where do the short stories fit into the mix? Are they different stories with different heroes and heroines?

Each of the short stories is sort a type of epilogue from the prior story. They are not stand alone and it allows readers to catch up on their favorite heroes and heroines. They are as follows:

Why Hawaii?

Well, the first book actually takes place in South Georgia in a fictional town outside of Valdosta, GA. The second half of A Little Harmless Pleasure was supposed to take place in New Orleans. In the middle of writing the book, Hurricane Katrina hit and I couldn’t bring myself to write the book set there. I had lived in Hawaii for three years and decided it would be fun to change the setting to there. Then…it just took off.

Will there be any more Harmless Shorts? Where can I get them?

Yes, there will but I will be changing the titles. From now on, the Harmless books will be entitled: “Harmless Love,” with a subtitle of the hero and heroine names. For example: “Harmless Love: Kai and Jocelyn.” They will mainly be available to read on my site and also to download straight from my site for free. I write them in my free time so there are no designated release dates, but I do them in order of release of books.

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What are these Harmless Military books?

I have been asked for years to write military romances. I have written a few, but I decided that I would try to write novellas set in the Harmless world. Readers are enjoying them so I will be releasing at least two more. They are not as erotic the main harmless books.

What order should I read them in?

  1. Infatuation
  2. Possession
  3. Surrender
  4. Coming Soon: Craving
  5. Coming Soon: Relentless

  6. Find out more about the Harmless Military Series.

Why are they not as long as the other Harmless books?

I wanted to set them apart, so I decided to write long novellas that are not as erotic and without suspense. These are straight contemporary romances with heroes in the US Armed Forces.

My favorite character hasn’t had his or her own book. When is (fill in the name) book coming?

I have only planned through January of 2013. After that, I have not laid out exact plans but I will let you know as soon as I do. Here is what I planned:

  1. A Little Harmless Fantasy staring Rory, Zeke and Maura (coming August 2012)
  2. A Little Harmless Ride staring Eli and Crysta (coming Fall 2012)
  3. A Little Harmless Secret staring Devon and Ali (coming Winter 2013)

Is there a group of people who love the series?

YES! I have two Facebook groups for my Harmless Addicts. You can join the regular group HARMLESS ADDICTS and/or the Book Discussion Group where we pick one of the books each month to talk about.

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