Sinner’s Delight

Book 2 in the Bounty Hunters Series

Join Rafe Vicentes for the ride of his life….and the woman who will take him there.

Rafe isn’t settling in as a bounty hunter. He likes the job well enough, but for him, the discipline is sadly lacking in the business. The former federal agent isn’t all that excited about working for an agency ran by a former stripper that has a secretary who is convinced she’s psychic. Still, he isn’t about to turn down a high paying job to find Sasha Petosky, madam to the rich and powerful in DC. He’ll just have to keep his attraction under control and finish the job.

Sasha isn’t in the mood for the pushy bounty hunter, any more than she’s in the mood to be on the run from an unknown enemy. She doesn’t really have a choice but to trust the sexy agent with her life. With killers on their tail, Rafe decides to take Sasha into hiding. Alone in a remote area, it is hard to keep their hands off each other. But when the men after Sasha come calling, protecting their hearts becomes secondary to staying alive.

Sinner’s Delight

Book 2 in the Bounty Hunters Series

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Sinner’s Delight

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Melissa Schroeder Publishing

Oct 3, 2011


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