the The Fitzpatricks series

Join the hard living and hard loving Fitzpatrick men as they travel the often bumpy road to true love. For centuries, their family has been committed to family and community, but finding true love is their ultimate goal in live.

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  • Book zero point five

    The Lost Night

    Get the story of Wendy and Aeden’s first night together in the free short story, The Lost Night.



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  • Book one

    At Last

    A woman who gets under his skin.

    Aeden Fitzpatrick has been annoyed by his sister’s best friend for as long as he could remember. She is snooty and a know it all, and he just doesn’t like her that much. Of course, it doesn’t keep him from fantasizing about her, or getting irrationally angry because she dates so many men.  That all changes the night of his sister’s wedding. One night and he is hooked. But Wendy has obligations so he will just have to wait.

    She never expected love.

    Wendy has always assumed she would never fall in love. She had made sure to date the kind of men who knew the score. Her childhood had proven to her that she was unloveable and she refused to take that from a man. Aeden changes all of that in one long, amazing night. Now, six months later, she’s not sure what will happen, but she knows she’s in love.

    A twisted obsession

    Wendy returns to find out she is a local celebrity but she could care less. All she wants is to return to work and figure out what is going on with Aeden. Their courtship isn’t without it’s bumps in the road. Their chemistry in bed doesn’t help deal with their conflicting personalities.  But when someone starts to stalk Wendy, Aeden realizes that he doesn’t want to live without her in his life. When the stalking turns sinister, the lovers must fight for everything they hold dear…including their lives.

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